875+ Million Online Shoppers – Time For Your Own Free Online Shop!

According to the latest Nielsen Global Online Survey on Internet shopping habits, over 875 million consumers have shopped online.

How many of these 875 Million landed in your shop?

Online Shops: Do You Have One?
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It also reports more than 85 percent of the world’s online population has used the Internet to make a purchase—increasing the market for online shopping by 40 percent in the past two years.

That’s impressive!

Are you prepared for this? Do you have your own online shop?

If you haven’t, why not?

There are many advantages.

And there’s an opportunity to have your own online shop within minutes, featuring over 28 MILLION products from over 1,300 merchants who offer their products through Commission Junction, LinkShare, LinkConnector and ShareASale (plus a few others).

All these products are put in a huge database from where you can select on keyword or brand, generate some code to put on your site and presto… you have an online shop, updated in real time.

Or …

… you can have little snippets with a few products displayed in the sidebar of your blog or site. Or use them instead or in conjunction with Adsense ads.

Many options available.

More info is at Your Online Store In Minutes!

Check it out and let me know what you’re thinking about this development.
Do you have your own online shop already?
Do you think it will be valuable to have one in the near future?

Post your comments below.

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