How Your Writing Voice Binds Your Subscribers

If you create online content, your writing voice is one of your most important assets.

Because it stimulates your readers to continue reading as they like what they see.

A writing voice may be defined as a way of writing that communicates a unique and distinctive personality.

You know, the sort of writing that you are dying to read and desire to receive.

That is in sharp contrast with the tremendous amount of content that is solely based on keywords or even automated content, generated or spinned by software. The purpose of such content is simply and solely based on playing the seo game.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with keyword research to enhance the chance of getting ranked high in the search engines and adding these keywords to your content. That’s what I always do when writing content.

And I occasionally DO use other peoples content (in the form of Private Label rights) to get ideas and write my content, but I always REWRITE it in my own voice.

I may not have that much of a writing voice, but at least it’s my own.

writing voice
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In most of my writing, I’m using my own words to express my personal experiences.
And I often try to add something valuable -whether paid or free- that my readers can get and implement right away to improve their business, even if it’s just a tiny bit.

That’s exactly what I’m trying to do here.
Read on, it gets interesting now.

Do you want to bond with your subscribers?

If so, I have a GREAT report for you and you can keep your wallet in your pocket, cause it’s free!

It shows you how to find and develop your own writing voice. And it’s written by no one else than straight shooter and writing expert Paul Myers, so it’s very valuable.

Inside is great advice on how to find and develop your own writing tone. 23 Pages packed with valuable information that you can apply immediately.

– the elements of writing voice explained;
– the difference between voice and style;
– how exactly to write like you talk;
– finding the right place to make contacts;
– 7 categories of communication that just about everyone uses;
– three simple exercises that will improve your writing voice.

It’s a great and quick read, so download your free Writing Voice Report to improve your writing and bind your subscribers.

Then, after reading this great report, tell me what you think about it.
Can you improve your writing voice?
Post your comments below.

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11 thoughts on “How Your Writing Voice Binds Your Subscribers

  1. Choosing the right keyword is indeed very critical, but it doesn’t stop there right? I know, some may think it’s a good idea to focus on broad terms so you’ll show up in more search results, and that’s partially true, but it’s just not the whole story. A great article can keep the reader interested with what you have in mind, merely focusing on getting the keywords in there is a no-no!

  2. James Rollins @ make money online says:

    It is absolutely true that your writing voice in one of your biggest assets in the internet world. People can’t converse with you on a personal level and, therefor, you need to seem trustworthy through your writings.

  3. Website Design Company says:

    I totally agree with you… Today people are using their content asset to play SEO game by stuffing it with keywords… I think they should know that only 3-5% keywords they can use in a whole content and should provide content as a useful resources…

  4. Pia says:

    Thanks for that great report. It will surely help individuals who are just starting and those who are continuosuly learning the internet writing trend. I do agree that we should be able to express our own emotions and feelings through what we write and that’s the impression we want to show our readers. If we can make both – to have lots of keywords and to just write unmindfully of the keywords – it would be awesome.

  5. Sky says:

    I definitely disagree to people engaging in stuffing of keywords, because you don’t have to. As long as you have a good content, then you’re good to go. Content is always been the king of search engines, fresh and unique contents, I am sure you’ll be on top without repeating those keywords. I appreciate your effort and relevant post, this may serve as a guide and advice to people.

  6. Case Stevens says:

    Hi Alison,
    Thanks for your contribution, but it doesn’t have to be very complicated.
    As the report says about great writers (A-list bloggers as you call them): They know what they talk about and they talk authentically.
    The subtitle is “How to communicate authentically in print” and that’s all it takes.
    It can be learned fairly easily, as the report shows. 🙂

  7. If you create online content, your writing voice is one of your most important assets.

    I’ve been running blogs/sites for a few years now and here’s what I noticed.
    My English writing skills are not perfect. English is not my native language and I do some grammar mistakes in my posts. But… if you offer good quality content, your readers will not complain.
    Yes, you can run a good popular blog in English even if your English writing skills are not perfect.
    Good luck to all of you!

  8. Chris says:

    I find it pretty difficult to write. It is something that doesn’t come natural to me. Sure I can write an article and sprinkle it with keywords, but it never really sounds right.

    Being able to write is extremely important to bloggers and web marketers alike, so I have made it a priority to learn how to write entertaining articles that have some value to them. I understand that I am not writing a novel, but it is in my nature to do the best I can.

    I find that the more I write, the better I am at it.

    • Case Stevens says:

      You should write as you talk.
      Some people find it easier to talk than to write.
      If that’s the case, tell your story to a family member or a friend and…
      record it.
      Then make a transcript of the recording and voila…
      you have a great article!

  9. Cristen says:

    Thanks for original insight in article writing, I have never heard of writing voice before and it inspired some new ideas for my business. I think the best way to develop your own writing voice is humor, but that’s also the most difficult one, as you have to be born with it or develop it really slowly. Otherwise, for most bloggers it’s a rule of thumb to write simply and neatly, so it’s difficult to develop your own style with just descriptive how-to articles, as there are lots of them on the Web. Also, because of that, you do have to care about keywords, as you want at least somebody to stumble upon you in this ocean of content, and proper keywords surely help. But not too much: not only humans, robots don’t like keywords stuffing as well, the best rate varies between 15-20%

  10. Brendan @ Transfer America Timeshares says:

    I used to have no trouble at all finding “My voice” when writing throughout my educational career. However, once I started writing for my own blog and other online community sites and such I started to run into trouble. For the first time I started getting comments about how sub-par my writing was and how just about everything I wrote could use some improvement. Thanks for this post, I must agree that to be a great writer you need to take into consideration every aspect of your content.

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