Writing Your Own eBook: Your Path to Ultimate Profits Online

Have you ever wondered why everyone is talking about how profitable creating and selling your own ebook is?

Here’s a fact: eBooks are really HOT these days. More and more people are creating and selling their own ebooks successfully and make a lot of profits from them.

So what makes ebooks so profitable anyway? Here are 6 important reasons:

#1. You’ll Make Bigger Profits

When you sell your own product, you no longer have to accept to get only 15%, 30%, or even just 50% of the profits.

You can easily make a whopping 100% pure profit on each sale you make.

That means with the same amount of time and energy you spend on marketing and promoting your website, you’ll easily multiple your profits.

#2. Becoming an Author Will Boost Your Credibility

Nothing can boost your credibility and establish you as a respected expert in your target market’s mind more than being an author and having your own ebook.

Because no matter if you’re a very successful affiliate or how long you’ve been selling other people’s products, you’re still an “affiliate” in your prospects’ mind… and an “affiliate” is not a very impressive word, is it?

#3. You Can Put a High Price on Your eBook

Ebooks have a very high profit potential because you can put a high price on them.

For example if you create a helpful ebook about a hot topic, you can sell it for $97 or even higher and still have people jumping head over heels to get it.

The key is finding a hot product idea and providing valuable information in your ebook that your target market really wants.

#4. You Will Make Sales Automatically 24/7

A wonderful thing about selling your ebook online is that everything is done automatically.

Your traffic generation strategy keeps bringing you targeted traffic…

Your sales letter talks to your potential customers and convinces them to buy…

Your automated order system takes all the orders and sends you a nice notification email… and so on.

So you keep making sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week… without lifting a finger.

Now that’s what I call the “ultimate” business that everyone dreams about! 🙂

#5. eBooks Have a High Profit Margin

Since you create and deliver your ebook digitally and through the Internet, you don’t have to pay any inventory, shipping or handling costs.

So you’ll get to keep 100% the profits you make for every sale.

#6. Many Great Opportunity Doors Will Open for You

When you sell your own product, you’ll see many new opportunity doors will open before your eyes that you couldn’t dream of as an affiliate.

You can approach people with big opt-in lists and make joint venture deals with them to leverage their list and sell more of your ebook.

Also when you become more famous, it’s list owners who will come to you and offer highly profitable partnerships.

Also when you have your own product, you can make the most profits from usual marketing techniques – like pay per click advertising, ezine advertising, viral marketing, and so on.

So What’s The Next Step?

So after discovering all these great benefits about selling your own ebook, how excited are you now to get started and create your own ebook?


Then first you need to find a hot-selling topic idea to create your ebook about. This is the most important step.

Actually, it’s where most people get stuck because they don’t know where and how to look for product ideas.

Also when you find some ideas that sound good to you, how can you discover if they will really sell?

After all, you certainly don’t want to spend months on creating and promoting your ebook only to find out no one wants to buy it, right?

You want to discover a way – a step by step formula – to find “surefire”, highly profitable ebook ideas and then create your ebook with the confidence that it’s going to sell like crazy.

Well, there’s a very helpful FREE email course called “Best-Selling Ideas” Master’s Course that helps you discover many powerful techniques to find great product ideas.

Wishing you much success,

Ladan Lashkari

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