How Workshops Can Be Cash Cows

I’ve just finished reading Cash Cow Workshops, written by David Preston. It’s a set of pdf files that shows you how to generate a full time income, conducting workshops for local business owners.

This product was created as a result of a highly popular post in the Warrior forum that I’ve talked about before in Free Products And Opportunities.

Cash Cow Workshops is an outstanding product.
These workshops will generate money, but their main goal is to pick up web development clients on the back-end. And the main factor of that development will be as simple as list building.

Cash Cow Workshops

While reading the modules, I found this a very do-able way to set up a huge business. Even in difficult times like now, because it will save local business owners advertising money and bring them more profits. HUGE benefits to promote your business.

Don’t let speaking in public scare you, because David has that problem covered too by just outsourcing the workshops that you put together.

The goal of these workshops is to honestly tell business owners how to run their online business more effectively. You may be surprised how easy this will be.

Apart from the introduction, there are 7 modules that discuss how to conduct these workshops. They are really easy to read and follow. They don’t give an exact step-by-step instruction, but discuss the main key components which is more than enough to get you going. Here’s what they’re about:

  1. Selecting your location for the workshops
  2. How to setup the workshops
  3. Workshop content
  4. The hidden closing technique that works every time
  5. The initial meeting with the business owner
  6. Setting up your own outsourcing network
  7. Increasing your volume through demand

As I wrote above, this product shows you exactly what you need to do in order to start cashing in on your local business market. It gives you all the guidance and swift kicks you need to capitalize on this incredible market.
Local businesses are really struggling today. Through this course you’ll learn how to help them cut their expenses, increase their profits and pay you well in the process.

I think the main problem applying all this information is to convince yourself that it really is that easy and that YOU are the expert in this matter. You’re clients aren’t, in fact they just don’t know how to do business online. All they do is put out a billboard on the Net. They just don’t have time to learn how to do this properly and then apply all the information. They rather spend their advertising budget on you if you can show them how to use it effectively. And you can!

Check out Cash Cow Workshops. You won’t be disappointed.
Let me know what you think of it.
Post your comments below.

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4 thoughts on “How Workshops Can Be Cash Cows

  1. Law Firm Internet Marketing says:

    I agree with using a workshop. I held one in early November for members of the the local bar and booked almost 3 months worth of work from it. It’s an outstanding ROI.

    Tom O’Leary

  2. Case Stevens says:

    That’s exactly what this is.
    David Preston, the author, claims a 20-30% hit rate on recurring back-end orders.

  3. Springfield Mo SEO says:

    I have had great success with local business workshops. I run a small internet marketing firm in Missouri, and business owners are practically starving to find out how to monetize their website. Word of caution though..only do a workshop if you are extremely confident in your abilities.

  4. Case Stevens says:

    Often you don’t have to show proof, because your ideas have never occurred to them. These local business owners are just too busy running their shop to find out themselves. Your suggestions will be an eyeopener for them and they want YOU to do it; they simply lack time to do that.
    Try it.

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