Use of wordpress for empowering education sectors.

WordPress has become a premier blogging tool, used by a majority of enterprise owners across the globe.
Backed by easy-to-use functionalities, WordPress has helped entrepreneurs in maintaining websites that are able to capture the attention of maximum customers. It’s not surprising to find many large corporate firms owning a WordPress powered website.

While some business owners use both, a WordPress website as well as a blog, others believe in growing their business simply via a WordPress theme website. WordPress has been successful in finding its niche in many industries.
Through this post, I’ll be showcasing the utilization of WordPress in the educational sector. To put it more simply, I’ll make you familiar with the ways in which schools have adopted WordPress and its features to maximum benefit.

How has WordPress been able to enter the Educational Sector?
The open source nature of WordPress makes it a perfect fit for educational institutions that require flawless web portals for the convenience of students as well as teachers.
The easy interface allows the WordPress site owner to perform activities such as adding/editing the content of web pages, add/editing images etc.
Once the WordPress site is up and running, there’s no need for any software to transport the web content to Google’s search results. In-built SEO-friendly plugins make the site rank higher on all the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages).

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Ways in which WordPress is used by Schools
Current market trends reflect an immense increase in the count of websites that are built using the WordPress web development platform.
It’s believed that a fully functional website is enough for gathering targeted audience. A large group of schools and colleges has opted for building Edublogs on WordPress.

Powering over 20% of the internet, WordPress has widened its reach. Here’s a list of the different ways schools/universities use WordPress:

  • School Website
    Numerous schools have now started hosting their websites on WordPress.
    Thanks to the user-friendly features of WordPress, managing a full-fledged school website has become all the more efficient and time-saving. As a member of the school authority, you too can use WordPress for mapping your school blog to your own school domain.

  • Class Website
    WordPress is popularly being used for building Class websites.
    These websites are created by teachers to enable the students to explore topics and skills they might not encounter in some of their other classes, held in the school premises.

    A Class websites offers the following flexibilities to both, teachers and students:

    • Teachers can make up for a class missed out of emergency. They can provide links to resources, assignments that can aid students with their subject-wise classes
    • Students can make up for finishing a pending assignment
    • Teacher can manage the performance of students who attend specific classes
    • Students can sign in to the website for attending a class that’s been missed out
  • Class Blogs
    A class blog is yet another means of using WordPress.
    School teachers use their WordPress class blogs to post daily tasks and information covered during a class. This comes up as a sigh of relief for all those students who’re unable to attend a class due to personal reasons. Such students can simply logon to the class blog and get an instant access to information that’s already been shared during the teaching session.

    In addition to above, there are some class teachers who use class blogs for global collaboration, reflective blogging and discussions. Under such situations, it becomes mandatory for the students to have their own individual blogs where they can write for an audience that doesn’t fall in their subject category.

  • Library Blogs
    A good majority of schools use WordPress Library blogs. These are the blogs specially designed for providing library news for teachers, students and parents.
    Library blogs act as supportive tools for reading programs conducted in schools. Both, students and teachers can use the library blog for posting their feedback about a particular book available in the library. This feedback acts as a decision-making tool for other people who haven’t read the book yet.

  • Professional Learning Blogs
    This is the category of WordPress school blogs that’s set up to support educators use the latest technologies in their schools.
    Here, educators are invited to participate in weekly tasks (supported by mentors) that can aid in polishing their teaching skills.
    Professional Learning Blogs have truly emerged as outstanding tools for helping teachers get well acquainted with the usage of latest technologies that can prove helpful for their students.

Final Words
As per me, WordPress is definitely the best option for school owners who’re looking for solutions that can aid in the constant success of their teachers as well as students.
Blogs are indeed the best tools for narrowing down the communication gap between students and teachers. I’ll recommend using WordPress for all online ventures that abound the education industry.

If you’ve any information to share about WordPress usage in education sector or want to drop in your feedback/suggestions, please don’t hesitate to use the comments section below.

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