WordPress plugins: 5 things you not expect them to do

WordPress plugins are designed to enhance the functionality of the world’s most popular open source blogging engine.

Seeing that countless new extensions are being developed each year, it is probably safe to say that they are doing a fine job in that department. You’d be surprised at what you can do with WordPress plugins, and here are five things to add to that list of surprises:

  1. Simplify Administration

    WordPress is known the world over as one of the easiest blogging platforms to use. User-friendliness aside, administration is an element that can get hectic no matter what system you are using to power your blog.

    Luckily, the management aspects can be greatly simplified by installing the right WordPress plugins. Whether it’s ensuring that your themes are secure with Theme Authenticity Checker or optimizing your management dashboard with Fluency Admin, rest assured that there are more than enough plugins to make keeping up with your blog a little easier.

  2. Notify Readers of Comment Replies

    Social media is extremely popular today, but Internet users still love to read and comment on blog posts. However, not all readers stick around to see how many people actually replied to their comment.

    Thanks to WordPress plugins like Comment Reply Notification, you can keep them in the know. This particular plugin sends notification via email each and every time someone replies to the reader’s comment, which increases the chance of them coming back for more visits.

  3. Find Out What Visitors Are Searching For

    Have you ever wondered how visitors are using the search box on your blog? You can find out by using a WordPress plugin like Search Meter. The cool thing about this tool is that it lets you see what readers are actually looking for when they use that convenient little search box.

    There are other plugins that are useful for finding out what keywords people entered when they found you through Google, but this one is great for internal optimization and enhancing the reader experience.

  4. Boost Traffic

    WordPress is viewed by many as being SEO-friendly by nature. Still, you can take your optimization efforts even further with the right plugins.
    A quick trip to your favorite search engine will reveal that there are several extensions specifically designed to help increase traffic, including HeadSpace, SEO Title Tag, and the popular All-in-One SEO Pack. Armed with plugins such as these, you can ensure that quality traffic continues to roll in.

  5. Build Relationships with Your Readers

    A blog is nothing without its readership, therefore, you must continuously strive to keep your readers happy.
    A handy plugin by the name of Thank Me Later enables you to get that relationship off to a good start. With this one, you can automatically send a custom email to your first-time visitors to request that they subscribe to your RSS feed, connect outside of the blogosphere, or both.

There are plenty of WordPress plugins to go around and trust us when we say that there is almost no end to what you can do with them. For many bloggers, the vast supply of plugins is the best part of the entire WordPress experience.

Francis Santos, graduated from Cal State Long Beach and journalist, is a best practices activist and advocate for leading web and permission-based html email marketing software.

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