WordPress Backup And Database Optimizer Plugin

I’ve changed my WordPress Database Backup Plugin for the WP-DBManager.
It’s not that I wasn’t happy with the WordPress backup plugin, but the WP database manager has a big advantage.

I’m NOT a database specialist, so don’t ask me why it happens (if you do know, share it with me in a comment), but over time the database information of your WordPress blog gets cluttered with overhead.

Therefore I re-organize my database quite frequently to delete any redundant information and thus optimize my tables to run my blog smoothly.

To do that, I have to login to my Cpanel, click PHPMyAdmin, open the database, select all tables and then repair or optimize them.

That is not longer necessary!

Early this week I was browsing tubetorial.com when I found Michael Pick’s post ‘Optimize, Repair And Backup Your Database Within WordPress’. I was sold immediately.

Because WP-DBManager displays the actual situation of all your WordPress tables showing you which tables have overhead. The plugin allows you to optimize and repair them from within your WordPress admin section. You only have to login at your WP admin panel. The best part is, that you don’t have to know anything about the topic, just press a button and it’s done.

You can even automate the database optimization using the DB Options tab by just setting the number of days for the next automated optimization. Now, that’s what I call a great plugin.

Another advantage of WP-DBManager is, that you can store your backups on your server and manage them from there. You can set a maximum number of backups to be stored in there.
Personally, I don’t use this option. I have my backups emailed to me, but it can be handy.

I do not see any reason for the ‘Run SQL Query’. Maybe that’s a comfortable option for the more technically inclined amongst us. Especially since you can only use INSERT, UPDATE, REPLACE, DELETE, CREATE and ALTER statements.
A simple SELECT query would have been handy, but is not possible as far as I could see.

The biggest DISadvantage I see is that you are offered an option to empty and drop tables. That doesn’t make sense to me, unless you’re de-activating a plugin for which you don’t need the tables anymore. But it’s a very dangerous option to put into a plugin if you ask me.

For the rest I’m very happy with this database management plugin.

Try it and post your comments below. I’m curious as to what you think about this database manager.

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2 thoughts on “WordPress Backup And Database Optimizer Plugin

  1. Case Stevens says:

    Who says I don’t understand PHP? I described the process above, didn’t I?
    Who says I’m not a webmaster? I run this blog.
    Avoiding plugins that save time is not smart in my book.
    Time to detach your emotions from facts?

  2. Case,
    I’d be lost without plugins. I’m a webmaster and understand css/php 101. but that is it. So I appreciate you talking and writing to different levels of people in your blog posts. I’ll check this out. Stumbled too! Thanks

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