How To Win In Content Marketing The Way Trump Did

The electoral campaign process can be very well compared to content marketing. You have to tenaciously work on it until you get the numbers rolling. Content marketing is all about planning, timing, medium and content.

Trump wasn’t really Google’s best friend, in fact, there was one time his infamous hotel in NYC, Trump Tower, was “mistakenly” named as “Dump” Tower by Google Maps. That ain’t right, but the time is ripe for you to do Google maps marketing right along with all your content marketing efforts.

Despite that mishap, Donald Trump’s victory is not a coincidental win nor serendipity. It was a product of effective content marketing and it resonated not in his ads but on his speech during each state’s electoral campaign.

win using content marketing

Well, Trump can’t really share his strategy directly, but he has shown them obviously enough not to be found out. Here are a few of the things that Trump taught us to win content marketing the way he did.

Fact Check: They don’t really care about you.
Always liken your audience as leeches. They are going to get information from you- information that would improve their own lives, give them more ideas, and even ideas on how to outrun you. That’s how interested people really think.

To get them interested with you, you have to share ideas that every expert in your field keeps a secret. If it doesn’t scare you, it is not worth doing. It’s not going to be a one- time big time process. You will spend days and nights trying to win their hearts, but it will be worth it.

It’s just like trying to create your CV in front of your employers. Week by week, or as you regularly offer them content, you are showing them how influential and knowledgeable you are as an “expert” like you claim to be. In fact, one of Trump’s best words was, “everything is negotiable,” this is his way of showing that his expertise as a business tycoon will be greatly needed in running a country.

Trump was greatly criticised for promising “to build a wall- and make Mexico pay for it.” Which caused a lot of commotion, but it was just his own kind of local maps marketing. In relation to winning in SERPs, the right mix of content marketing and local marketing using google maps, will help you be easily found by prospective customers online.

Giving a specific location as a solution works best for people who wants to take action right away.

In the end, content marketing is all about selling your expertise by showing off. If you are not willing to let go some good some, you will make some people think otherwise and lose a good number of audience.

Value: What’s In It For Me?
In connection to what’s mentioned previously, people will only listen or buy your content if they are going to get something out of it. Even if you say it is for free, they will still invest their time, which is the most valuable resource they have.

Internet users nowadays only skim through internet content, and your content may be one of those whom they only spend 15- 30 seconds with in maximum. So, don’t hesitate to give it all in one blow. Don’t put a content that’s too long if it is just empty spaces in between.

If you already know how to create a clickable title, make sure the promise it gives before the click is delivered right after they clicked on it.

Each click is trust, so content marketing is all about trust building. Do they trust you enough to ever visit your site for reference again? Did you offer so much value they don’t want to miss a podcast with you?

Have you gone through that far? Create the need and maintain the need.

Do you think Trump’s voters voted him out of need? His online popularity isn’t really 100 per cent positive about him. His famous tag line was, “Let’s make America great again!”. But there was actually a hidden phrase after that, “ and you’ll need me to make that happen”. And that same thought was maintained all throughout his campaign period.

Will your content create a need? Will you be a need to your audience or are your podcasts just a waste of their time?

What’s In It For You?
Of course your podcasts, videos, articles and ebooks are not just for the sake of showing off your intelligence. You don’t want to throw it all away. You have to identify your goal each time your throw something valuable, ask yourself, “what’s in it for you?”

You have 3 choices- Enhance, Change or Motivate. You cannot apply all of this all at once.

If your goal is to enhance, you are going to reinforce a common belief, knowledge or idea that your audience share. It is the time to add something new in the list. Make it sound like a product of your long term experiments and effort and something that is not easily attainable unless they are willing to invest.

If your goal on the other hand is to change, you are going to deconstruct their pre- conceived notions. And in that case you have to offer bullet- proof evidences that would make them change their minds. Create the need of your guidance as they go through the changes.

And lastly, if your goal is to motivate, you have to inspire them to keep going by showing the results of your own tenacity. In which case, they give up, you’re there to help them.

Maps marketing, is also one good source of driving traffic and delivering conversion. You need to have a good amount of information and data when people look for you online. Even though the internet offers you a global market, your first customers will always be the people from your own locality.

Hence, if you get a good amount of traffic, you will be easily recognized by people. You’ll become a reference on their own articles or blogs, which of course Google will add to your link building juices. Aside from that, your referral from other sites will give Google an idea that you are an authority about that specific niche or topic. Which can help you go all the way up to the SERPs.

Measure the Treasure
Treasure can mean two things, it can be both your audience and your ROIs. You have to know what kind of audience you’re dealing with every time you release content.

Are they visually inclined? In that case you’re likely to use videos or infographics. Are they more of the point- by- point learning? In that case you can use bullet style articles or ebooks.

Aside from your target audience’s medium inclination, you also have to identify what type of content you’re trying to show them. Of course, if you are showing them how to do processes, you would want to show them a video. You can experiment as much as you want, but it has to be consistent in all of your content releases.

As they always say, consistency is the key. In addition, Bill Gates also said, content is king. Hence, consistent valuable content is the key to dominance.

Always Leave a Footprint Behind
Leaving a footprint means that you’ll be remembered in a particular way by your audience. When you add marketing maps, you use powerful words that are unique to you, or create a signature phrase for your audience to remember.

Your footprint is also your trademark and it is the quality of content you gave them, the value of the time they spent with you and for you. You have to leave a good impression on each time you meet with them.

Content Marketing is about building trust and not building links. Your goals for traffic will come if you have content that is valuable enough for your readers and audiences. Your goal is to become a reference for startups and for experts alike. Experiment and be open minded. Be tenacious in learning as you are in teaching.

Patrick PanuncillonPatrick Panuncillon is the CEO of Linkvista Digital Inc. He and his team of young experts are helping other businessmen and leaders across the globe grow through revolutionary SEO and Digital Marketing techniques and strategies. You may connect with Patrick on LinkedIn.

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