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Guess what? This post is about widgets!

I just tried to log in at MyBlogLog. You now can’t get in there without having a Yahoo account.

No letter, no announcement, nothing. Great service.

So I used my Yahoo account to log in.
Then you have to merge your Yahoo! and MyBlogLog accounts, which is what I did.

Didn’t work!

Tried again, this time with success, only …
no pics, all url’s to flickr gone like vampires at dawn. And on the fly, my name was changed too.

Trying to upload at least my mug shot, so I can get recognized in the widgets on other blogs ….
doesn’t work. Temporary error.

Fabulous service Yahoo!

UPDATE: I just managed to get a new pic uploaded, after 1 hour of trying.

That was just after I installed another plugin. The DealDotCom WordPress Plugin – Beta.
But where to put it? Yet another screen estate eating feature.
Ok, downsized the BumpZee and MyBlogLog widgets to show less pics. Fits in nice now.

And that was after the BumpMe widget stopped working at my individual pages. Logged in there and it seems they were having maintenance. That resulted in an error being shown at my pages.
Deleted the darn thing.

And I was just about to delete the BlogRush widget, since there were no stats available (so I didn’t know if it worked well or not) and because I thought the quality wasn’t up to par, when I noticed that the Dashboard was working.
Well, at least I’m making some referrals and generate some traffic there. Also John Reese just announced he will be reviewing the participants manually.
So I decided to keep it for a while.

As I posted earlier, all these widgets slow down the page loading speed. And I really hate that.

Besides, I don’t want my site to be cluttered with all kinds of promo’s. Sure, I want to generate traffic and I would like to monetize my site, but not at all costs.

It should stay readable here and fast loading. That’s my primary goal.

I will keep some widgets and plugins as long as both conditions are met, but I’m on the edge.

Maybe next widget launch, I have to delete one.

Deciding which one it will be, shall be a tough decision. The HTML of BlogRush doesn’t validate. Could be that one, unless you click on it (it’s over at the right side, just below my favorites) and sign up to generate more traffic. Then it will stay. 🙂

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