Why You Should Blog and The Main Obstacle

Quite a couple of people on my list wonder why they should have a blog.

At first, I didn’t quite realize why they were asking that question (it’s too obvious for me), but delving into the mind of someone who hasn’t blogged yet, I now understand why they asked.
It’s a legit question. I’ll try to explain why you should blog and what the main blogging obstacle is.

You see, blogging is sharing. Your knowledge, your opinion, your tips and tricks, anything that you know that can be valuable information for others.
Blog posts, in contrast to conventional websites, do not have a specific order. Instead, blogs are the perfect vehicle to share short notes and thoughts that you want to air out. Nothing is predefined.

“But Case, isn’t blogging about making money online?”

Yes, it CAN be about making money, but you can make money online in lots of different ways and blogging is just one of them.

Making money with blogging is just a derivate (mind you, a darn good one!) of your primary goals, which is sharing valuable information and building a community of like minded people.

That community building part is an important one.
You see, I blog about Internet marketing here. That qualifies you as a reader if you’re interested in that topic.
But I’ve put ‘Affordable’ in front of that, meaning that I don’t want to sell very high ticket items here. It’s meant for people with lower budgets. That even qualifies my readers even more.

So, I target everyone interested in ‘affordable Internet marketing’. That’s a large group.

Are all people in this niche reading my blog? Absolutely not. First, I can’t reach everyone, but second, and more importantly, I have to ‘connect’ to those that I DO reach.

The byline of this blog is
“Internet marketing strategies, techniques, tips and tricks EVERY website owner should know to make a decent living online. Case Stevens, full time Internet marketer, shares his experiences of what really works and what doesn’t.”
If you like that, then I have ‘connected’ you to my topic. If you don’t like it, you may click away.

You see, people have their own preferences and the style, the tone and the presentation of your information is something your visitors have to like.

It’s as simple as that.
Qualify readers, qualify them further and connect.
That’s how you build a community.
And how to start conversations with others in your community or network.
Now, who’s connecting to who?

Having said that, here’s the main obstacle: frequently providing high value content in your tone and voice!

You can only succeed IF you’re passionate about your blog topic and have plenty of thoughts, ideas and resources to share with enthusiasm.
That is, if you want an ‘Affordable’ solution. The alternative is to have guest writers write the posts for you, but that costs money and there’s nothing of YOU in it.

Well, that’s my personal opinion about why you should blog. Blogging opens tons of opportunities to connect to other people who you can share your thoughts and resources with. Even sell to.

There’s another spin-off: if you blog, short notes, thoughts, ideas, resources etcetera, guess who learns most? Huh? Huh?

Why You Should Blog
The Blogger him/her self!

If you’re on the edge, I suggest you download a free copy of what I believe is by far the best information about blogging: Blog Profits BluePrint.
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Let me know why YOU think you should blog.

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