Why Article Resource Boxes Gain Importance

Last week, Mark McCullagh from NewSuccessOnline made an interesting comment about the effective use of resource boxes when submitting articles.

His comment referred to the policy change regarding the number of links that are allowed in the body of your articles at EzineArticles in 6 Great Free Resources.

Allowing less links in the body of your articles not only may improve the quality of the content, but also means that your resource box is gaining importance to entice readers to follow up on your messages. It’s kind of a one-shot gun.

Resource Box Gun
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I wrote about using resource boxes before in Your Article Resource Box – How To Maximize Its Use, but I challenged Mark to write a guest post about it.

He did!
Thanks Mark.
Here’s the post.

How To Write a Resource Box to Optimize Your Article Marketing Strategy.

A well-written resource box is one of the key strategies in article marketing.

The resource box allows you to:
a. create a “call to action” to drive traffic to a website or sales page
b. create backlinks for SEO

The first important aspect of the resource box is that it should flow naturally from the article itself. In other words, it should be very relevant to the article.

Here is a simple 4 step process to create an article and resource box that flow smoothly and optimize your results.

1. Research your niche.

Your content must provide readers with:

  • a cure for their pain
  • an answer to a common question
  • a solution to a problem
  • some form of pleasure

The bottom line here is to put yourself in your readers’ shoes (or mind).

2. Keyword research.

Once you have established a topic, do some research to establish the keyword phrase that your reader would most likely type in the search box on Google when looking for information.

Note the following:

  • that there is sufficient volume for the keyword phrase
  • who ranks highly for that phrase and what they are saying/doing

Long-tail keywords are usually your best choice.

3. Write the article.

  • use your keyword phrase in the headline and in the first sentence
  • address 3 to 5 points from step #1

4. Write the resource box.

  • use the keyword phrase you are targeting as anchor text
  • one link to your sales page
  • one link to your main website or blog
  • include a call to action

The important point to keep in mind here is that the links should be very relevant to the content of the article.

Let’s look at a practical example:

Niche: golf
Keyword phrase: “hit longer drives”

An article has been written describing 5 ways you can hit longer drives.

This has created interest in the reader, they want to find out more, so the resource box will look like this:

Gary Fairway makes it easy to learn how to [hit longer drives] with his step-by-step videos available free on his [Golf Tips] website.

Here, “hit longer drives” is anchor text linking back to a page that offers ONLY what it has described: videos on driving a golf ball.

This will help the “Golf Tips” site rank higher in the SERPs for the search phrase “hit longer drives.


Avoid weak resource boxes.

A mistake I see many people make is writing like this:
“Gary Fairway writes about golf on his GolfTips site”

This accomplishes nothing.

Your resource box is an opportunity to sell yourself.

So get creative:

  • write articles that create interest/curiosity
  • invite the reader to find out more
  • send them to your sales page/opt-in page etc.
  • use anchor text for your targeted keyword phrase

Mark McCullagh is the author of the NewSuccesOnline blog where you can discover internet marketing strategies that work, especially for network marketers.

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2 thoughts on “Why Article Resource Boxes Gain Importance

  1. Mark McCullagh says:

    Thanks Case.

    I’m glad you found my article suitable for posting here because you always offer such good, practical information.


  2. David says:

    Step number 2 in the article suggests that we use long tail keyword phrases and I certainly had already done that. I optimized my site to a four word Phrase. I then read the new rule Ezine Articles brought in. All anchor text in the body and resource box, was to be limited to Three words! This shoots my strategy down in flames.
    Other than that the article has made me see how dry my resource box is. I will spice it up a bit using the recommendations and hope that the rest of the ezine publishers do not copy Ezine Articles.

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