5 Reasons You Require a Website Now

If you haven’t noticed that almost all marketing and business has moved at least some portion of their operations to the internet, that sound you hear going off is the final boarding call.

If you aren’t online by now, this is probably about the last chance that you have before your business starts truly suffering from having no online presence. In fact, it’s more likely that your business is already suffering from not having a website, if you haven’t realized it.

That’s because you are missing out on unlimited potential and business that simply having a website brings you.

Further, if all of your competition is online and you’re not, chances are they are going to eat you alive, putting you out of business as the internet only continues to become the largest factor in sales and revenue for businesses around the world.

Five Undeniable Reasons You Need a Website Today

The bottom line here is that you need to have a website and you need to have it right now. Here are five great reasons why:

  1. Everyone is Online.

    The most important reason that you need to have a website is probably the most obvious one that is staring you in the face every day of your life.

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    Think about it—when you go out to eat, when you drive, when you walk down the street, when you talk to your children, they are always on the phone.
    Everyone is plugged into the internet 24/7. People even sleep with their phones right next to them. And then there are tablets and laptops—no one goes anywhere anymore without internet connection and as you already know about marketing, you have to be where the people are.
    The people are online—be there with a website.

  2. Websites are 24/7 Marketing and Sales Reps.

    Imagine you could have your sales representatives working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    Now imagine that you didn’t have to pay them for that time. That’s exactly what a website replicates.

    At any point during the day or night, a lead can find your site, learn about your product or services, decide that they want to buy or learn more, or even make the purchase right from your website. This opens up a whole other avenue of income for your business, making it essential to your bottom line and growth that you start up a website immediately.

  3. Inbound Marketing is More Efficient than Outbound Marketing.

    The old way of doing marketing is all but dead.
    Outbound marketing involves you spending money to put your ad out there via print, radio, television, etc. While this still works fairly well for large corporations and brands, for the rest of us, it’s just not cost-effective. That’s because outbound marketing wastes your marketing dollar.

    For every dollar you spend putting an ad out there, if only 10% of the people who see it are in your target demographic and only 1% to 2% convert, you’re wasting 90 cents of the dollar and only getting a return on one to two cents of each dollar.

    But with a website, you have inbound marketing which means only the people who are looking for you (qualified leads) are finding you, putting every cent of that dollar to lead generation.
    Add to this the fact that inbound marketing is exponentially cheaper than outbound marketing and it’s clear to see why you need a website.

  4. Don’t Appear to be Out of Business.

    If someone looks for you on the internet and you’re not there, essentially, you don’t exist.
    Customers who can’t find you will think you went out of business.
    Leads who can’t find you will never be leads because to them you don’t exist.
    Let the people know that you are here and that you are modern—say it with a website.

  5. Create Brand Awareness.

    Finally, when your site is online, you have the ability to create a brand message and awareness that you want to represent your company.

    What people see and read on your website will stick in their head, giving you more brand awareness, even if you are only selling at your brick and mortar location.
    Having a website gives you a direct, constant link to your target demographic, so that when they are faced with the decision to buy, the thought going through their head is, “Oh, I’ve seen their website, I know who they are.”

Of course, the best reason to have a website right now is that it’s never been cheaper or easier to create one.

Written by Dan Mill from Livecity.com, a sought after name in the website builder world. If you’re on the lookout on how to make a website for your business don’t forget to check out livecity.com today.

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