Website Speed Test: faster than 97% of all tested websites

I’m performing a website speed test occasionally. You can read more about that at My webpage speed test results to optimize page speed.

I did all I (technically) can to speed up my website. Including creating sprites, using a very handy tool called SpriteMe.

That tool combines a few of your background images into one called a CSS Sprite and then refers to it using CSS. If you install that tool to your bookmark toolbar, it automatically detects your background images and make suggestions to combine them into a sprite. It also supplies the CSS changes you have to make.

The results increases the load time of your website, as tested with a website speed test. Errors or warnings listed in the Firebug Page Speed tool disappear and the rating that tool gives you gets higher and higher the more you optimize.

I use Pingdom tools to calculate the loading time of my website.

My website always have been on the slow site. Almost always, at least 50 to 60% of all tested websites were faster than mine.

Until now.

Website speed test results

Now my website is 97% faster than all other websites that were tested at Pingdom.

website speed test

I’m not sure this is very accurate. There are more resources that have a website speed test available online, and they all deliver different results.

But the exact figures aren’t that interesting. Point is that I drastically improved the loading time of my website as the screenshots below will show.

website speed score history

history website loading time

Want to know how I increased the loading time of my website so drastically?

I signed up for a free account at Cloudflare. That is, all I had to do is tick a box and save the options at my hosting company Dreamhost, who partnered up with Cloudflare. That was easy!

But you can sign up for a free plan at Cloudflare and what they cache your website using servers all over the world to deliver your site. With a stunning loading speed as a result.

Plus… Cloudflare has some interesting statistics available. They show you the unique number of visitors, how many page views and hits they served for your website and how much bandwidth you saved using their service.

They also monitor outbound links and have a lot of features in place to stop spam and hacking attempts. Security is a bit tricky as they refused me access to my own blog when I looked at it using Explorer, so you have to be careful with that.

Try it. Sign up at Cloudflare. It’s free!

But first perform a website speed test at Pingdom and save the results, so you can compare before and after performances.

To use Cloudflare’s tools you have to change name servers (unless you’re hosting at Dreamhost, then it’s not necessary). It takes a few hours to get the DNS settings at Cloudflare propagated, so there’s enough time for your speed tests.

Let me know what you think about this.
Post your comments below.

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One thought on “Website Speed Test: faster than 97% of all tested websites

  1. Mike Calabrese says:

    I’ve used Pingdom Tools forever and have gotten more into the Firebug tool recently. Both are very helpful. I love passing off the results from the Firebug tool to a clients dev team and having to watch them make all the changes! Doesn’t always make me the most popular guy, but the changes are definitely worth it.

    Another great tool can be found within your Google Webmaster account; what’s especially interesting about it is that it shows you how you compare to an aggregate of other websites in your industry.

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