Web 2.0 Marketing

Many people ask me questions about Web 2.0.
I try to answer some of them here.

The first question is “What exactly IS Web 2.0“?
And to answer that one we’ll need more than one website.
There’s a lot of discussion going on. If you visit Tim O’reilly’s website, you’ll see over 100 comments on his definition of What Is Web 2.0. Yet, according to Wikipedia, Web 2.0 was a phrase coined by O’Reilly Media in 2004.

Since there already is so much discussion around, I will not add my own definition (which is temporary anyway).
Instead, let me show you a great resource where you can find over 200 Web 2.0 sites in different categories: The Web 2.0 2007 Awards

The reason why these Web2.0 sites are so popular is mainly because of connectivity and communication. People have hobbies and interests and they want to join a community for their favorite topics.

And do not make the mistake thinking that these communities are only there for individuals or small business. Amazon and Ebay are just two examples of huge sites creating them for years now.
But even corporates like GM have a blog with posts from their Vice Chairman Bob Lutz. These corporates are up to date when it comes to using state of art Internet innovations.

In the long term, there is no way around the Web2.0 phenomenon. The classic ways of driving targeted traffic to your site using PPC advertising or search engine optimization will soon be gone. If you don’t believe it, read John Reese’s latest report The Rebirth of Internet Marketing.

Now, the big question is: which Web2.0 sites are you going to use for your website. Which ones are the best, deliver the best targeted traffic and serve your purposes well?

I’ve tried several of them with varying success. It took me a lot of time.
And while I was doing so, others popped up everywhere, leaving me wondering if I had the right ones and if I shouldn’t start on another one.

Bottom line: I got nowhere and desperately needed a Web2.0 Marketing Strategy!

I needed a mentor who could tell me which sites would be interesting and helpful.
A guide who has done all the necessary research to exactly explain how to use these sites and maximize the return of invested time and effort.

It took me several weeks to find it, but I have one now.
The secret is: the magic of generating targeted website traffic is all in the strategy!
And that’s exactly what you get. Awesome! Check it out here.

Web2.0 is the way to your success. Use it!

Case Stevens

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