Is my Web Profile Good Enough to Drive Traffic to my Sites?

Sometimes I wonder if my web profile is good enough.

Meaning that I’m all over the place to drive traffic to my site using the keywords I target. And thus using the search engines and social media very well.

Anthony Benedict came to rescue. He has some simple tips to increase any web profiles in today’s guest post.

Here comes Anthony.

My Web Profile and Three Simple Tips to Increase It

If you own a website, no matter what its purpose, it is very likely that you spend a great deal of time trying to drive traffic to it.

The success of many websites is directly tied to how many people visit the site.

The most common method to driving traffic to any particular website is to increase its web profile on the various search engines used by most people.
For those of us who choose not to utilize a link building service there is a wealth of information currently available on the internet that provide in-depth discussions of how to go about increasing your web profile.

While it can be very easy to get tied up into the intricacies of search engine optimization, many of us are making elementary mistakes on our websites that are having significant negative effects on our overall web profile and you will have to ask your self if they are making significant impacts on “my web profile.”

The following are three mistakes I see quite often online that can be easily fixed, thus improving the profile of your website.

  • Avoid Images
    While images can do a great deal to increase the aesthetic appeal of your website, you have to ask yourself if it does anything to improve your web profile – which it doesn’t.

    Google crawler does not search images for important key words.
    Essentially, all prominent titles, content overviews, and links should be presented in a text format. This increases a search engine’s ability to recognize what your site is really all about which is, in turn, going to direct ideal visitors to your website.

    If you are going to include an image, try your best to also include a caption.

  • Quality Content
    This may seem like a rather obvious point but I can’t tell you the number of web sites that I visit in which the content is nearly unreadable due to their absorption with maximizing their keyword density.

    Simply put, people can tell when you’re trying to do this and, if they can’t exactly point out what you’re trying to do, they’re unlikely to consider it an enjoyable read.
    This means they likely won’t be visiting your site again, so all of the work done to get them to the site via search word optimization is likely lost as soon as they begin browsing through the site.

    There are a number of other less content-intrusive ways to go about driving traffic to your website. Search word optimization plays an important role in increasing your web-profile and once again you have to get into the mode of “my web profile SEO should be fully optimized,” but it is only productive when used to a productive extent.

  • Refresh Content
    Many people spend a great deal of time employing a number of different techniques intended to get visitors to their site but fail to consistently produce fresh content.

    Google crawler more frequently visits sites that consistently produce new content.
    The more often your site is reviewed, the faster the process of improving your web-profile will be.

    Visitors are going to visit your website more often if they believe they’re going to be presented with new content every time they do so. New, useful content produced on a consistent basis is one of the best ways to attract repeat visitors to your website.

How about your web profile?
Is it good enough?
Post your comments below.

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5 thoughts on “Is my Web Profile Good Enough to Drive Traffic to my Sites?

  1. Matt Hempsell says:

    People do need to realise that regularly updates are not the end all, i have seen sites that update twice a week but still rank poorly as no one links the the site or the updates.

  2. Aaron says:

    I am an SEO specialist in the legal niche and I agree 100% with the “quality content/refresh content” topic. Though I tried initially to keep all of my “main” pages as is, I like to add new valuable content to my blog posts. The on site blog is a great way to add valuable content to your site without negatively affecting your main pages. I try to add at a minimum 4 posts a week to my blogs and find it very very useful. Of course the overall goal being that google or other search engines crawl my site and say, “hey, this guy has new content..good job!” I’ve been standing behind this motto for years: CONTENT IS KING!!!

  3. Jane says:

    A reputable profile whether it’s personal, a business or a brand is a must if you want people to know you as an ideal source of information. You can start by providing the best quality content in your website or blog. IMO content is the most effective tool to start an online campaign.

  4. sanji says:

    I agree most of this,but not to use image? users don’t actually read, they scan and then read. If there are interesting image that the user find, then they will read (well, most of it). Besides images will make a website more alive, proper caption and alt attributes will do the trick.

  5. Case Stevens says:

    I also keep my images Alease. Perhaps SEO-wise it’s not necessary to have them. But most readers like them.

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