Two High Value Products For Free!

There are two free products available that you really should download immediately.

Michael Campbell gives away his most valuable products Revenge of the Mininet and Clickin’ It Rich.

I do not remember exactly how much I paid for them in the past, but I think it was well over $120!
But you won’t pay a cent. All it will cost you is your email address in return for which you’ll be subscribed to his excellent newsletter, that you will want to read anyway.

People who DID act upon Michael’s products rave about the content.
And yes, these books are good, really good.

If you’re a beginner, or fairly new to affiliate programs, I suggest you start by reading Clickin’ it Rich. Then be sure to read recent backissues of the newsletter, to get up to speed, as quickly as possible.

If you’re already good at SEO and affiliate programs, then skip ahead to Revenge of the Mininet. Be sure to check the IMS blog for a continuing discussion of the Mininet strategies.

I suggest you download these ebooks. Do it now, because maybe Michael will withdraw his offer soon. You would regret that.

So, sign up at



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2 thoughts on “Two High Value Products For Free!

  1. Thank you Case for letting us know about it. I just subscribed to Michael’s newsletter, both to get the gifts AND because I’d like to receive his newsletter.

    It seems everyone has decided to give away 2 of his valuable products for free – just like Ken Evoy did with his Make Your Site Sell and Make Your Content PREsell ebooks.

    So who’s turn next…? 😉


  2. Case Stevens says:

    Hey Ladan,

    You’re welcome.
    The newsletter is good, the books are great.
    I’m sure you’ll like them.

    Yes, everybody is giving away valuable products.

    Cody Moya even gave away a car if you bought a high-ticket item he promoted. It does get weird, doesn’t it?


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