Recognize This Typical Blogger’s Day?

You know what the daily tasks of a website owner are, don’t you?

On a typical day I:
browse some interesting forums,
create a few articles and blog posts,
work on my niche sites,
check the social bookmarking sites for new friends,
answer emails,
check the support guys for sales support and
manage my techie who didn’t do what I asked him to,
think of new strategies,
watch out for new products,
keyword research …..

Recognize that?

The Internet is a fast medium and to stay up to date, we’ll have to be active day in, day out. It goes unnoticed, but sometimes it’s just a little bit too much. You have to take a break.

But wait, not today, because there’s that webinar that I have to attend, the conference were I was invited and the Skype session I promised, …..

There you go again!

Back in the routine. Suddenly your stomach tenses. Your jaw clenches. A headache is forming in the area of your eyes. Without interruption you rub your neck, hoping the stiffness will slack off soon.

Sounds familiar? It’s ….. information and work overload!

You’re not alone, it happens to all of us. As Internet marketers we’re behaving like freaks, staying connected most of the twenty four hours that are in a day, afraid to miss the latest and greatest, always busy and always sleep deprived.
Happened to me too!

Then one day, during a very busy period, I received an eye opening letter.

About a drastic increase in the levels of stress, confusion and frustration.

Because that’s what this is all about.

Frequent stress levels, even minor ones, can lead to focus deficiency, irritations, headaches and even insomnia. It makes you feel out of control and overwhelmed.

Stress is a silent killer!

Because many of us ignore the stress we’re facing. Maybe because they feel it’s a sign of weakness.
And it starts small, but since we ignore the symptoms it grows rapidly.
That is why, by the time you know it’s there, it’s already serious.

Stress is the basis for more nastier illnesses, like high blood pressure, chronic fatigue and severe heart problems.
I’ve been there! Had to have 5 bypasses placed in 2009!

Want to make a mistake like that?

Want your family, friends and work to have extra problems?

So…. before you, like me, end up in the hospital, I have a suggestion. It’s a book, called “Stress Relief Now.”

It shows you:

  • How to recognize stress and its causes – including the concealed ones you may not even know they’re there.
  • How to cut back, or even do away with, chaos in your life.
  • How stress levels could be ruining your health – before you realize what’s happening.
  • How to control your life again.
  • How to pass over the toughest part of a grieving process.
  • How to avoid stress irritations.
  • Time management solutions – easy ways to cut back information overload.
  • The stunning facts about stress-induced cravings.
  • Effective exercises that you can stick to.
  • Specific ways to diminish laming negative sentiments and worries.
  • A no-effort, simple and cheap treatment for stress.
  • How to work less and do more simultaneously.
  • And some more!

This is excellent stuff.

If you’re feeling stressed, or may suspect that stress is an important factor in your life, order and download your copy right now.

It’s practical, relevant and cheap. You won’t get stressed at just $7.97. 😉