A Twitter marketing strategy with a twist

Twitter is another great medium to keep in touch with your friends and business partners.

Many people have a Twitter account, but lots of them do not know how to use them successfully to get more business.

Raine Parker, who writes for Accounting Degree, has a remarkable Twitter marketing strategy that may solve this problem.
She wrote today’s guest post.

I’ll let her do the talking.


How Helping Someone Learn Twitter Can Help You Develop a Business Contact

We all know that a Twitter account can be a beautiful thing for internet marketing and creating a brand.

It lets us connect with many other people. It lets us share our thoughts, our daily news, and anything else going on in our lives with our many followers.
It allows us to keep track in real-time of what’s going on in the world and in whatever niches we are interested in. And, most importantly, it can help us market our services or spread our brand to potentially many people.

But a Twitter account can also be a confusing thing to many people, especially business people who are not familiar with the online world.

In fact, those unfamiliar with Twitter often ask

“Why would I want to know what someone is eating for breakfast?”

Others who have heard about the ways Twitter can be abused point to examples from the news:

“Did you hear about the burglars who follow you on Twitter and wait for you to Tweet that you’re away from home?”

Of course, these fears aren’t unfounded; however, they deserve to be dealt with honestly. Exaggeration only makes things worse. After all, many of those thieves are people within the victims’ own social circles, and not everyone on Twitter Tweets about what they had for breakfast!

So, if you know a contact in your business circle who is thinking about joining Twitter, and if you are someone who is active online and relies on the Internet in order to conduct business transactions or interact with other people in a community, then you should definitely consider helping them to work with Twitter as a useful tool to building their own personal and/or business brands.

What do you get out of it? Well, you get a stronger connection, the chance to show off your expertise, and maybe a client down the road who might seek out your services as an internet marketer managing that very same brand.

When helping someone new to Twitter set up an account, you should try to think of all the ways you see Twitter accounts abused and all the ways you see Twitter accounts being put to good use.

What do these two areas come down to?
Clarity of purpose guides the best account users in their Tweeting and confusion regarding branding and audience hurt the worst account users. This is the most important thing you can tell your Twitter newbie about: he or she should strive to use Twitter in a clear and precise way.

This will avoid creating confusion in their feeds and in their Twitter accounts. This means that you can help them develop and follow a plan regarding how they will use Twitter and stick with that plan.
Their consistency will be a good way to keep readers interested in their business, because readers will know to expect relevant links, interesting thoughts, and a good discussion.

Once you have helped them set up an account, do your best to keep in touch with them, monitor their feed occasionally, and send them little tips every now and then.
After all, you’re trying to cultivate a relationship with someone who may want to pay for your services later on.

Raine Parker, regularly writes on the topics of accounting degree.  She welcomes your comments.


What do you think of this Twitter strategy?
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4 thoughts on “A Twitter marketing strategy with a twist

  1. J Guildford says:

    I had the same thoughts when i started my feed, but i have found it an excellent tool for communicating directly with my customers. I use it to tell them when we get new items in or when we have special offers or just to remind them that we are there.
    Our customers also use it to ask us questions directly.

  2. Merc says:

    Twitter is good tool in finding trending words, but you can also use google AdWords to find what the frequency on what people search on the internet.. Very nice article though.

  3. Case Stevens says:

    Excellent comment Darlene!

  4. Ken says:

    There are many ways that Twitter can fit into a internet marketing strategy. I have used the Twitter / Clickbank combo to create quick sales. The strategy is easy and works well with real time tweets.

    I believe Twitter is not going to be a short term fad, i,e, 2-5 year phenom. If you are patient and willing to use the Twitter search tool, you can create some relatively quick profits. Thanks for your post and the opportunity to comment.


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