4 Top Domain Name Tips

Selecting a top domain name is becoming more difficult every day. It’s an important choice, since picking a great domain name can, to a certain extend, make a big difference in search engine optimization.

So here a 4 top domain name tips, written by Emilia Johansson, director of www.AffiliateTips.com. Emilia is an expert in finding great programs that pay out high commissions which she publishes in a top 10. She looks at today’s topic from this respect.

Here goes. Enjoy!

The Importance of a Top Domain Name

When you’re starting your affiliate business there are many things to think about and one of the most important things is picking a domain name.

Top Domain Names
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I wouldn’t say that it will make or break your business but it can make the difference between a successful and a mediocre affiliate.

How can that be, you might ask yourself, and the answer is quite easy; with a carefully chosen domain name you’ll be able to attract more visitors and that equals more money in your pocket at the end of the month.

If you stick to a few simple strategies you’ll get a head start to your competitors and to help you with this we’ve created this post. Read it and learn what to think about – in just picking up one or two of our pointers you’ll get an edge to your competitors when it comes to the domain name.

Matching Names

It might seem obvious but if possible you should try to match the domain name with the name of your website. If you do this chances are much greater that your visitors remember the name and in the end return to your site.

If the names don’t match people will be confused and as many are inpatient they won’t bother trying to find your site. This means less visitors and money for you.

Many of the top names are already taken – use free registry tools to find out if the one you want is free or not.

Keyword in the Domain Name

One of the best ways of attracting visitors to your website through a domain name is in picking a name that includes your website’s keyword. From an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) perspective this is ideal but it won’t be easy to do.

First of all, think about what your most important keywords are and then start thinking about what the domain name could be. This could take some time but it will be well-worth the effort.

Keep it Short and Simple

If you are thinking about using a long domain name then you really should reconsider. Most people won’t remember the name of your site if the name is too long – keep it short and simple.
Of course, this shouldn’t be done at any price – don’t sacrifice your memorability and branding just to keep the name. Maybe a deliberation is at its place…

Also try to avoid using to many dashes in your domain name as this will make it harder for you to use it when you are meeting with people face to face. One is fine but if you have problems pronouncing it in less than a few seconds it’s probably best to rethink it.

Creative Names

If you can’t come up with a generic domain name you might want to think about picking a creative domain name. In fact, in many cases can this prove to be more successful – it all comes down to how creative you are.

To test if your chosen domain name is creative enough to be remember, simply mention it casually to a few friends and check back with them after a day or so. If they still remember the domain name – it’s for sure a keeper.
Warm up your creative muscles and start brainstorming!

About the author: Emilia Johansson is the director of AffiliateTips.com – an affiliate marketing site with a large selection of affiliate program reviews that makes it easier to find affiliate programs for your site.

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