Time To Show Your Internet Marketing Skills

Here’s an opportunity to show you’re a great Internet marketer and that you can build a huge list.

It’s about a huge Giveaway event, organized by my friend Willie Crawford. But it’s NOT in the Internet marketing niche.

It’s about cooking, a niche where there’s NO competition from savvy Internet Marketers. Thus, you will be able to showcase your marketing skills to build a HUGE list.

Because Willie expects to send hundreds of thousands! of visitors to this event. Remember, Willie became an expert in the cooking business by selling millions of dollars worth of cookbooks.

If you don’t have a cookbook of your own, get one from a Private Label Rights website and change it. It doesn’t have to be huge, 30 to 50 recipes will do.

And if you absolutely can’t find one, email me and I’ll see what I can do for you. In exchange, I want your full commitment to make this a great list building event, ok?

You can sign up as a JV partner here.

Mind you, this event can FINALLY build a huge list for you, and actually get your business thriving.
It won’t cost you one penny, but it could give you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Willie says:

The largest free listbuilding giveaway in the history of Internet marketing is about to kick off.

Hundreds of savvy marketers are stepping in front of the hundreds of millions that come online every year looking for holiday cooking ideas… and holiday gift ideas.

While many marketers “cry about” the traditional slowdown in the “internet marketing niche,” smart marketers like you and I simply change our marketing mix. Offer them what they want and you build a large responsive list easily!

This is a private, invitation-only event, just to selected marketers and invited friends. I’d be honored if you could join us for this great event.

Go listen to the audio at the top of this page now.
It’s only a few minutes long, and it IS something that you CAN easily do:

Trust me… I’ve had two dozen “gurus” tell me TODAY how brilliant they think this is 🙂

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