If I was allowed only ONE newsletter subscription, it would be …

TalkBiz News from Paul Myers.

I read every issue immediately, in Mailwasher, even before downloading it. And here’s why.

It contains sheer quality info that you can USE, right away!
Paul talks about all kind of aspects of making money online. And that makes it the only resource you really need to get somewhere.

But not only that.
The solutions Paul provides are explained in such an easy to comprehend way, that sometimes it’s like a checklist of simple tasks to be performed that automatically leads to the desired end result.
That makes TalkBiz News an outstanding resource for both experienced marketers as well as newbies.

There’s no hype in the content, or …
there is some, immediately qualified as such, by Paul himself, like in today’s issue. 🙂

Another big plus is that almost every product Paul recommends (the ones that you have to buy) are dirt cheap. He only recommends products that work and don’t cost an arm and a leg.
The same applies to his famous e-books and reports. “The Fortune at Your Fingertips” and “The Thud Report” are just two examples of that.
Also, I’ve never seen Paul pushing the latest high ticket item of the inner circle of well known marketers, although, as he emailed me once, he receives many requests to do so.

Now, there isn’t a single monetary reason for me to promote Paul’s newsletter. So, this post may look like hero worship.
It’s not.

I try to be critical, even if I receive another TalkBiz News issue. But I just can’t deny that this newsletter is simply the best I’m subscribed to. And I do read a few, mind you.

I want to prove that to you. I’m going to give you an example.

On July 17, Paul Myers published another great issue of TalkBiz News.

The subject of the email was ‘Are you really that boring?’.

Being critical, I’d rather he used the real issue of that email: How Long is “Too Long?” or, even better, “How long should my newsletter or article be?”.
But then, maybe the open rate would have been much lower. Paul is a great copywriter too, so he knows what he’s doing.
This indicates, that you always must read between the lines too, as Paul likes to test, fanatically.

Anyway, the question mentioned above leads to discussions that come up all the time on the forums and in various lists, which indicates it’s a real problem for many marketers.

Paul provided the solution. And, with his permission, I’m going to re-print it, so you can profit from that too.
Point is, the email was quite long. So I divided it into smaller posts and this week I will start publishing the first part. So stay tuned.

Oh, and don’t forget to sign up for TalkBiz News.

I don’t like controversy that much, but in this case I would say: “You’re just plain stupid if you didn’t”.

That’s how good it is.
Sign up now. You hardly need anything else.

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