Is The Money Is In The List Still True?

How many times have you heard the phrase

“The money is in the list!!”
“The money is in the list!!”

chanted over?

I guess it must have been many times, right?

However, just because we’re tired of hearing about it doesn’t mean it’s not true.

Just to prove that point, jot down booming companies that cross your head like Dell Computers, JC Pennys, Sears, Apple, Microsoft and so on.

What do all these companies have in common after you buy from them?

YES! They stay in touch with you, either through snail mail and catalogs or email or telephone. What they actually are trying to do is to cultivate a relationship with you!

That’s what you should try to do too. Because building a mailing list is one of the most crucial and one of the heartiest aspects of running a home based business.

Simply put, your mailing list is your prospect list. Containing email addresses from people who raised their hand when you asked them if they want to receive email messages from you.
These people want to learn from you and maybe, eventually, buy from you.

Even more important is your client list. On that list are all your prospect who bought from you.
That means they trusted you and therefore you’ll have an even closer relationship with them.

You can email both lists and try to make money from them.

Hence the phrase: “The money is in the list!!” is still true. They can provide income for you for a long long time.

Let’s take a look at 4 important steps that you must follow to ensure to make as much cash as possible.

  1. Don’t make it difficult.

    There’s no point in making people work to get what you offer them.

    Persuading people to exchange their e-mail address for what you have for them can be difficult enough as it is, so if they DO give you their email address, give them what they asked for right away!

  2. Don’t let them forget you.

    It’s easy for your subscribers to forget all about you as they receive tons of emails every day. This isn’t something that you want to happen.

    The easiest way to avoid this is to reward them!

    Send them lots of great, valuable content. Just make sure that the ebooks and reports that you send them are full of great quality! Doing this will not only give you a great response rate, it will also keep your subscribers eager to open your emails!

  3. Don’t waste their time.

    Time is the only asset you can’t buy. Time is finite.

    Remind your subscribers that you are adding value to their lives. High quality and great content is the soundest way to make certain that your subscribers know you value their time.

  4. Don’t waste YOUR time.

    Whatever you do outside your business, you’re still running one. And the money that you make there is directly proportionate to how efficiently you are able to run things.
    So, don’t waste time on subscribers that simply won’t buy from you no matter how much great content you give them.
    Spending lots of hours writing an ad trying to specifically target these people is nothing more than wasted time.

    Maybe some of these people still may buy from you, but what if you would have spent that time working on a product for your subscribers that are eager to buy from you?

    Yeah, you’ll make LOTS more money! Cause: “The money is in the list!!”

Set up a great marketing funnel, use a great email follow up system, follow these four steps and you’ll be raking in the cash in NO time!

So, what do you think about “The money is in the list!!”
Post your comments below.

“The Money Is In The List

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9 thoughts on “Is The Money Is In The List Still True?

  1. Jake says:

    I’ve heard of tons of people making lots of money off of lists. Have you ever heard of Mobile Monopoly? I did a lot of research into that (I didn’t want to buy it) and pretty much found out it was basically a massive list building campaign and the guy who came up with it ended up making something like $60,000 in 6 months. And he was just a college kid. There is a lot of money to be made from lists, especially if you build targeted lists and offer them products, info, offers, etc that they’re going to be interested in. With all this in mind, I really need to sign up for an autoresponder soon. Procrastination sucks.

  2. Leo says:

    Maintain your company’s integrity and credibility will earn your clients trust. Make them feel that they have made the right decision in staying with you

  3. Elise says:

    Thank you for this most informative post. It reminded me to be more aggressive(of coarse discreetly)as to not waste time

  4. I absolutely agree – the money is in the list. I think, Dan Kennedy once said that it takes about 7 attempts to turn a potential buyer into a buyer – but in order to get these 7 attempts you need a list. Also, getting the first sale is the most difficult one, but if you over-deliver on your product or service your existing customers will most likely buy again – but you need a list in order to keep them up to date on your new products.

  5. Jeff Palmer says:

    I believe that an email list is only a small part of the big picture. Offering value to your prospects and clients is really what it’s all about. Doesn’t matter if you have 100 or 10000 people on your list, if you aren’t offering real value to them you won;t succeed.

  6. MUSC says:

    allow me to add a small detail.. i get a lotta spam everyday and i on more than one occasion, i have found that i got nice deals through random emails in the spam folder.. so skimming through those mails too once in a while is not a bad idea..
    btw.. nice article..

  7. I immediately delete spam because it’s from someone who violated Internet etiquette and clogged up my inbox with unwanted email. That fact undermines their credibility. I would tend not to trust them, right off the bat; and so I wouldn’t consider buying products or services from them.

  8. The money is definitely in the list I can vouch for that most blog or website viewers will leave in the first 30 seconds and never return to your blog again. Why not capture these visitors with an opt-in form so you can turn them into paying customers down the line? Kind of a no- brainer.

    I also use adswaps to build up my list faster and it seems to work well for me. Remember to treat your list like gold because that is what it essentially is to you gold. Good post thanks!

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