The Last Few Blogathon Hours

Dr. Mani is coming close to the end of his 24 hour Heart Kids Blogathon.

On Twitter, he just reported ” Sleepy. Fingers numb. Tired. And happy!”.

Well, it’s 1:50 AM here and I’m tired already. After only 4 hours.
Let’s see if we can keep him awake.

On Technorati I just found 107 blog posts about Heart Kids Blogathon

If you search for Blogathon, you’ll even find 8,758 blog posts.

chd awareness delivers 255 hits, Congenital Heart Defects 1,528 and Dr.Mani 1,281

At, you’ll find 285 references to Blogathon and 17 to Heart Kids Blogathon.

Mind you, apart from the latter, these are not all created in this Blogathon. But still, that’s some recognizable awareness and a great achievement.

At the time of writing this, Dr. Mani reports he raised a total of $17,318. Please, help him and the children.

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