A Successful Video Strategy Starts With A …

Great Video!

There is a very good reason that more and more top online marketers are selling their products using ONLY video on their sales pages.

They realize that a successful video strategy is flat-out THE most powerful marketing medium on the web.

When it comes to making money from your prospects, nothing is more important than having the ability to grab the full and undivided ATTENTION of your market!

That is of course, for as long as you can avoid that your video selling gets boring.

A successful video strategy allows you to get your point across in so many different ways. You can be humorous, sarcastic, dramatic, cool, entertaining… and it creates trust too. It’s easier for people to “consume”, so they stick around for longer.

And to create a successful video strategy is quite simple. Just submit your superb video to as many video sharing sites as possible. Search engines will pick them up very quickly.

So, if you want to grab the full and undivided attention of your prospects (and KEEP it) from the very moment they arrive on your website, then having an ultra slick, professionally-produced promo video on your website truly can be the “difference maker” for you.

Watch this 1:22 minute video!
Click the four arrows at the right bottom menu to view full screen.
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Admit it. This is a great video promo, ready for a successful video strategy. Worth a couple of hundred of dollars, but that’s not the price for this video today. Not even close to one hundred dollars.

If you like what you see or you are in need of high-end promo videos for your product or service (or any offer you’re promoting as an affiliate!), Brandon Tanner is the go-to guy.
I bought this video from him and became an affiliate for this product.

Brandon currently only charges $47 a piece for them

…and there are two other templates available that you may prefer.

And if you don’t need any videos right now but know someone that does (HINT: ALL business owners), then you will definitely want to check out the affiliate program! I did and signed up immediately. Great product that will be in demand!

So, what’s your take?
Think this is a great product for a successful video strategy?
Post your comments below.

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9 thoughts on “A Successful Video Strategy Starts With A …

  1. Video is most effective way to get a place in mind than writing as people love to visualize things than reading. That’s why this service look killer to me.

  2. Anonymous says:

    7 seconds is not much time at all. There is just so much internet space that people want to discover. What I have found is that over time, if you provide good and interesting contest, people will stay and learn something. Seems like Google search is like the remote control for the TV.

    Good Video.

  3. You’re absolutely right, and I’ve been pondering for the longest while about creating a video post on my blog.. or as it’s otherwise known as a vlog post. My only problem is I’m very camera shy. But I do agree that I think video has a better ability to capture attention and sell the product/idea to the reader.

    Great post and thanks for inspiring me. I think in the near future, I’ll work on getting that vlog post up. 🙂

    – TriNi

  4. Anonymous says:

    the use of videos as a very effective tool of marketing is growing today, i agree with you Mr. Arafat people are likely to view videos than to read.

    Overcome your shyness if it will bring you very beneficial results.

  5. Anonymous says:

    There is a good reason why Google bought YouTube. Video is the wave of the future. If you don’t want to get in front of the camera, there is great software that will make awesome slide shows or computer screen presentations.

  6. Anonymous says:

    well in terms of using video for internet marketing is the new trend nowadays. I agree that it should be at least not boring to gain profits using this strategy. And to add to this I think it’s appropriate that one should take also into consideration the video is made compatible to targeted consumers. either a neat and clean looking video or a messed up cluttered video, in their own uniqueness is proven to catch attention of viewers. one can also use Camtasia in praparing slide videos. This is the one I prefer in my campaign videos.

  7. Before, the use of video in promoting a website is not really that “large” unlike today, where everyone who owns a website especially those in the marketing niche are massively producing videos using tutorial methods. The tutorial method is, I can say, a very effective strategy. And I’ve seen a lot of them over the internet.In fact, I am considering to make my own for my site.

    • Case Stevens says:

      Video tutorials are great, as long as the video enhances what you’re trying to teach. I’ve seen many of them, where there was only 1 sheet that didn’t change at all and a lot of talking. That’s not video, that’s audio.

  8. Phil says:

    I actually dislike videos being used to try to sell to me, especially those with booming sound that make it so obvious what kinds of sites you are on. And I think that everyone knows which I mean, those that promise you thousands of dollars a minute which are impossible to turn off and mute lol

    Why can’t anyone ever use some consideration in this and have the sound set to “mute” by default?

    If people are truly interested then they will turn up the volume and listen at their level, they dont want to be deafened lol

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