How to Be Successful With Traffic Exchanges

Traffic Exchanges are the online programs where you either exchange your time or your money for traffic.

These programs are often looked down on.
Probably because spending your time surfing websites with all kind of offers isn’t the most exciting way to pass the time.
There are other ways to generate traffic and if you’re good at one or more of them, you don’t use TE’s.

But lots of people don’t know any better way, so they turn to these programs. Also, it’s often a matter of (lack of) money that people are using them. All they have is time and they change it for traffic, just by surfing.

It’s a matter of personal preference, I guess.
Personally I prefer other ways to generate traffic although I use some TE programs. But lots of people like these exchange programs and are using them successfully. And if they don’t want to surf all day, they just buy credits to send visitors over to their offers, be it splash or squeeze pages.

Whatever the reason to use traffic exchanges, you’ll always need to test and track so to make sure that you get a decent return on your investment (ROI).

Apart from the discussion that these TE’s don’t work (they do if you only know the three (3) rules), some of the typical questions from those who want to try them are:

  • what are the best traffic exchanges (where do you get the highest ROI),
  • how long do you need to surf for traffic or should you buy credits,
  • how to set up a campaign (huge vs small, all at once vs spreading in time) so that you can optimize your splash and squeeze pages,
  • is there a strategic plan to use TE’s to your advantage (other than startup a tabbed browser, join as many
    exchanges as you can find (and then some) and surf them as fast as humanly possible),
  • how important is it to be able to contact your traffic exchange downlines?

If only you would know how experts do this. If you only know the three (3) rules to be successful. If only you could get your hands on a plan designed by someone who is very successful with Traffic Exchanges.


only yesterday I spend an hour or so examining the subject and found the answers to all these questions!
Coming from real traffic exchange experts. Who even own their own TE program.
Heck, one of them even offers a critique of what you are promoting in the exchanges.
And yes, there’s a plan from one of these TE owners too.

Very solid information I must say. It’s all in the newly created marketing expert group called Forum KnowHow. Together with tons of other valuable information! Check it out. At the time of writing this there was a huge discount offer.

From there it’s only one step to blog traffic exchange programs.
I haven’t used any myself, but found some interesting articles:

  • Top Traffic Exchange Site for Blogs
  • How To Use Blog Traffic Exchange Programs To Make Money with Affiliate Programs
  • Blog Traffic Exchange and Generators

Check it out.

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