One Of The Most Stunning Marketing Strategies Ever Seen

“From PR Zero to PR 7 Within Ten Weeks”

That was the gist of a message I received a couple of weeks ago from Duncan Carver.

Hi Case,

If you’ve been following along with the worm farming project I’ve been sharing with you since its conception on day one, then you may or may not have noticed that the project domain website has obtained a Page Rank value of 7.

Yes, from PR nada to PR7 within ten weeks of starting the project.
Not bad. Follow the link below to see this result for yourself and for more information about how this was achieved…

…also, if you’re wondering why there haven’t been many project updates lately is because I’ve been busy working the site. I hope to have some more updates for you within the next few weeks with interesting sales results, updated search engine rankings, and much more.

Have a great week.


Duncan Carver

If you click the link in that message, you can read how Duncan achieved this great result.
In there, he says:

The biggest contributing factor in achieving this result was the fact that I linked the worm farming secrets website from, without a doubt, the most powerful authority website I have in my personal network.

Duncan calls his secret website “Authority Site X” and he’s now monetizing this site by letting you post on it.
For the first 500 members, the investment required is a modest $97 per month OR $147 per month if you wish to include 4 unique articles written specifically for (and posted to) your blog each month.

Yesterday I received another email from Duncan, letting me know he already has sold 146 (84 of $97 and 62 of $147) of the 500 orders. You can do the math. I thought that makes a nice monthly income.
And if he sells all 500 initial spots, he’s generating over $50K each month. Not bad, not bad at all.

Now, this new wormfarmingsecrets website only served as proof that he could achieve a pagerank 7 in a very short period of time. Of course the niche wasn’t too crowded, but nevertheless, he proved it could be done. It’s a great teaser for his new service.

What Duncan did NOT tell us was how he achieved his results for “Authority Site X”.

Let’s try to find out how he did that. Read on.

You see, I met Duncan some years ago, not in person, but on the Net. I can’t exactly remember when, but I have evidence that it must be three years ago and here’s why.

At that time, I was looking for a PHP script that could manage my link exchanges. Doing that by hand was very inconvenient, so I thought I would automate the process as much as possible.

After a lot of research and testing, I stumbled upon Duncan’s Link Management Assistant. I downloaded the script and it’s still on my hard disk.
The date is August 2004, three years ago!

Here’s what I wrote on this blog after testing the LMA

Have you read that?

It was, without any doubt, the absolute best link exchange script on the Net, yet I took it down, just because it promoted unrelated links.

Actually, Duncan sold these links, monetizing his powerful free script. Although I personally didn’t use them, it still was a smart concept. Duncan made money giving away a powerful resource!

But even more intelligent was, that at least one of the links at the bottom of this script was for one of his own sites.

You can check that.
Go to Google and do a search for his wormfarming site using the link feature. Check where the back links are coming from. Most of them are a result of people using LMA.

OR …

these back links come from one of his other sites that he built the same way, like
I suspect he has at least one other directory, but the Whois information for that one isn’t public.

So, Duncan also placed links to his own sites, one of them being the current “Authority Site X”.

I found that site and it has indeed over 821,000 back links in Yahoo and 873 in Google.
That adds quite some link juice if you can put a link pointing to your site in there.

And THAT’S how Duncan Carver created his secret resource and is now able to generate over 50K each month if he sells his initial orders.

Now, why do I think this a stunning marketing strategy? After all, there are more marketers achieving such results and lots of them in less time, right?

Because many years ago, Duncan had an idea, or, better yet, a vision. Remember I downloaded the script three years ago? Duncan’s idea must have been born far before that.

From that idea, through developing a powerful vehicle and focusing on realizing his vision, after all these years he succeeded in accomplishing this great result.
And that, in my book, is stunning. I highly respect that.

And you still can download the Link Management Assistant, with great new features.

Kudos for Duncan Carver and his excellent marketing strategy.

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