StumbleUpon Traffic Beats Google

It’s a very close call, but for the second successive month Stumble Upon is my main traffic resource.

It’s beats Google by only a handful of visitors, but beginning November it was all the way down on my traffic resource list.
Just for the record, Windows Live is third.

The Stumble Upon traffic surge started one month ago when I published How To Use Stumble Upon To Your Advantage.
That was when I seriously started to use this service to give it a try after reading the articles mentioned in that post.

At the end of the month, Stumble Upon already was on top. I thought that may be a coincidence, but it’s been my main traffic resource since. And all I did was follow the the advice.

I’m kind of cautious when it comes to network building, because there’s something artificial about it.
You tend to build a network of people that you really do not know very well or not at all. The only goal is to extend that network just for the sake of it, but it actually has little or no use.

your personal network
I strongly believe that the true networks that really work are very personal. And such a network exists outside of the walled space a social network is.

That’s why I started to contact some people after visiting their sites that I found at Stumble Upon and send them a nice message or a little review.
You see, clicking the Stumble button only gives a vote, adding a little review gives it a more personal touch showing your (hopefully honest) opinion. I never stumble pages I don’t like. I want to keep my reputation in good standing.

And that’s exactly what Stumblers like. In return, they’re more willing to do the same for you. It creates the traffic that you want.

I’m not the only one who’s pleased with the extra StumbleUpon traffic.
Here are some other interesting posts:
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Here’s my StumbleUpon page again.
Add me as a friend after reviewing my site (leave some valuable comments) and build a personal network.
One that delivers!

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  1. Case Stevens says:

    That’s impressive Terry. I knew it worked great, but not like that.

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