4 Twists to Strengthen Relationships With Blog Readers

Below is an interesting twist to strengthen relationships with blog readers.

Only a few weeks ago Patricia Garza described 4 practical ways to achieve that in 4 Ways to Interact with Your Readers.

In today’s guestpost, Kaushal Gandhi shines his lights on the more emotional way and that may also appeal to many bloggers.

Here’s Klaushal’s contribution.


It may sound a little absurd that blogging helps one to build healthy relationships, but well that’s the truth. Whatever we practice unconsciously dissolves into our everyday life, for example blogging.

Yes Blogging, isn’t it something one must have not even thought of, but really blogging not only helps in expressing complex thoughts in an easy way, but it is an output to you inner voice.

Concentrating on a subject, and being dedicated to whatever you’re writing, accepting criticism and feedback from people across the oceans, helps you understand and strengthen relationships.

Here are 4 important things that help one strengthen the relationship:-

  1. Write About Your Relationships
    Not many must have thought about writing about the kind of relationship you share with your spouse/ lover etc. It’s not something we usually think of. It’s only when we reflect on a relationship that we share, we realize it’s very subtle. It’s only when we think of writing we realize the kind of relationship we share.

    After pondering on simple thing like how you communicate with the one you love? How, when, why and reasons around it. If this is taken into consideration and applied in your day-to-day life, I am sure there will be a different dimension to the whole ‘communication with closed ones’.

    Strengthen Relationships With Blog Readers
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  2. Blogging Helps You Open Up To A Person
    If a person is not the one who opens up and pours his heart out, blogging helps him to express his true feelings in the form of words. Blogging about relationships might be a very unfamiliar idea to many of us, but it’s a therapy of letting your inner voice speak to people in form of words.

    Blogging will be like an open book to your life, it will help people know you better. It will be a way in which you are just being true and appreciating the relationship you share with the person.

  3. Relationship Behind Every Truth
    Blogging about your relationships is healthy; one has to take it in a positive way. Every relation has to go through set of truth and non-truth. Debate is a good way of understanding what your partner is trying to say, and accepting his/her point of view, helps you to understand each other well.
    What is the mid-way that both can take? Or the sacrifices and compromises. What would it take to make it a happy relationship?

  4. Feedback That Will Help You Grow
    Blogging helps us to take criticism in a positive and work on our weak links, it also helps us appreciate others positive points. Writing a post gives us many comments, sometimes these comments are from people whom you don’t know, who don’t live in your country, but still appreciate you, they too have experiences to share. It is an amazing fell, I am sure most will agree. This helps one understand the entangled feelings.

  5. Instead of referring to various books, friends, and others for building your relation with your spouse, blogging helps you to understand how you can apply blogging tips to make your relationship better.

    Kaushal Gandhi is Director at Aaris Internet Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Aaris is SEO company in India. Kaushal has conceptualized SEO Traingulation Method. He is also passionate about PPC Management and Social Media.

    What is your way to strengthen relationships with blog readers?
    Post your comments below.

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2 thoughts on “4 Twists to Strengthen Relationships With Blog Readers

  1. Luci says:

    Thanks Klaushal!

    I really like the ways that you noted how participation in the internet can actually improve your ability to communicate and interact with others. When I was in college, I noticed a similar phenomena in online classes: people were much more likely to talk and open up. It’s kind of funny, some of the professors I ended up being the closest to were online too.

    Like online classes, it seems that the advent of comments opens people up to more discussion than might happen in person because after reading something, the audience has a chance to think about it.

    I look forward to future posts! Thanks.

  2. aishalal says:


    blog is the place were blogger come with feeling to express it right way, it help you come with expression and teach you lesson how to react, it can be possible that some one is criticizing you but from that feed back you always learn something and blogger can work on that prospect.

    looking forward to your upcoming post!

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