Starting Your Own Internet Business

Starting your own internet business is not as difficult as you may believe.

That’s what today’s guest writers Lena Morrish & Dima Nikolayenko, owners of, tell us.

While building a serious Internet business is NOT easy, as Welly Mulia already wrote, there are plenty of solutions for the serious entrepreneur who wants to start his or her own internet business.

Here’s the opinion of Lena and Dima.


Starting An Internet Based Business Is Not As Difficult As You May Believe

Working from home is a great option as it saves us plenty of hassles. No commute, work when you need to or want too, plenty of time for the family and you can work in your pajamas!
And if this work-at-home option happens to be your own internet business then there are no bosses to answer to.

Starting your own internet business
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All this sounds great but what about the expenses of starting an internet based business? Technical details? Computer skills? Internet expertise? You don’t need any of these. All you require is a computer with an internet connection and an idea or product or service that will sell. You can set up and start your own internet business without much money time or efforts.

Once you are ready with your website, you will need to get it online so that the world can see it. This is done with a process called “web hosting”. A computer known as server runs 24/7 and is always connected to the internet. This computer acts as you host it “hosts” your web page, and helps to bring the world to your business.

A competent web hosting company will post your page on the net and keep it there with rare if any blackouts. They will take care of the technical stuff for you, all this for a monthly fee.

A monthly fee will rid you of a lot of work and save you time too. Naturally you need to look for a web host that is not too expensive or else it will not be worth it. You can easily locate an inexpensive web host that will be able to provide you the features you need and not cost a bomb too.

The inexpensive hosts no doubt can’t provide you with premium service but there are a few features that you can’t do without. The web hosting company should be reliable, a decent customer support system and most important your website should be available always.

The next thing is that you should be able to update and change the content of your web pages, whenever you want to. All the links that you put in there should work properly. The interactive features (mainstay of a business) should work effectively.

Another important aspect of an online business is that you should be able to respond to queries within reasonable time. Online business runs 24/7 and it’s not possible for you to be present every time a query comes in. You need a good auto responder that will take care of immediate response.

The automatic responder will reply to each and every query with short but polite answers that you may have added to the library. The next time you log on, you can send personalized replies and solutions to the queries. This will ensure that your customer feels acknowledged and knows that he is valued.

With the right inexpensive web host and an automatic responder you are all set to start off your own online business from home.


About the Authors
Lena Morrish & Dima Nikolayenko, owners of, are happy to help entrepreneurs starting an internet based business with tips or guides on such topics like inexpensive host, keyword tools, affiliate marketing or any other aspects of the business.

Case again.
What’s your take on starting your own internet business?
Post your comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Starting Your Own Internet Business

  1. Jenna says:

    Thanks for this post! Its a topic dear to my heart!
    Yes, starting an internet business is an excellent way to be able to work from home — a dream a lot of us have!
    One thing that is important to realize is that an online business like any other business requires hours and hours of work — at least up front.
    The advantage of an online business is that you can do it any time of day that is best for you and any time you want. You have freedom to organize your own day and to be your own boss!
    Having your own website and hosting it is of course critical for an online business.
    It is really important to check out potential hosting services carefully. In addition to the criteria you have mentioned I would stress that especially for a beginner the tech support and customer service offered by the web hosting company needs to be excellent. Once you have your site up and running they are the ones who need to be there to help you if you are struggling with something.
    And free or really cheap hosting usually is so cheap because they skimp on something — usually support.
    Loved your post — great inspiration to all of us!

  2. Blog aus Berlin says:

    I’ve just started an Internet based business with blogs, SEO and Adwords for customers. It’s right, I have no boss, but I have a familiy with two kids and in at the moment I work 60-70 hours a week. You are right, You have to be reachable 24/7. I will try Your advice with the autoresponder, thanks for the tips, Greetings, Thomas from Berlin, Germany

  3. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely great post! Seriously if you want to start a business selling stuff without payments any money at all your best bet may be Ebay and some of the other sale sites. Depending on your slot there may also be an auction or classified site that is very precise to the market you want to target so some searching is in order.

  4. I think with the help of wordpress CMS, anyone can start an online business. The CMS has made content management so user friendly and there are a lot of help online. There is no reason why someone cant start a business online.

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