Want to Stand Out? Avoid these Blog Post Ideas

The blogosphere is an incredibly diverse space in which millions of voices, both articulate and not as much, cry out to be heard.

But as more and more blogs populate the Net, being heard is becoming more and more difficult.

Now, it’ s not just a matter optimizing your blog posts for search engines; coming up with something truly original is absolutely essential if you want to reach a wider audience. There are dozens of blog post topics that have been overdone, but these are the worst contenders. Avoid them as much as possible.

  1. X Ways to Improve Your Blog
    Only you know how you can improve your own blog, and while there are various generic things you can do to optimize any given blog, chances are, all these pieces of advice are already out there. A quick Google search demonstrates just how many of these articles with the exact same title are available. It’s best to offer blogging improvement advice only if it’s specifically tailored to a certain blogging niche.

  2. How to Get More Readers on Your Blog
    There’s also the variant of this blog title, “How to Increase Blogging Traffic” that has been done so many times it’s impossible to count.
    Substantially increasing the number of blog readers for a certain blog isn’t ever easy, and can’t usually be accomplished by reading a short article on the topic. While beginners may benefit from this sort of simple advice, if you want to appeal to a sophisticated audience, avoid this generic topic.
  3. How to Make Money through Your Blog
    Again, there are millions of ways to make money through your blog, but offering money-making advice in one blog post will never get your readers very far. There are entire blogs devoted to just this one topic, so it’s unlikely that you will offer advice that will genuinely help anyone who hasn’t found the same advice elsewhere.
  4. How to Start Blogging
    In my humble opinion, starting a blog is best learned not by reading about it, but by simply doing it. Offering your readers a persuasive article about which blogging platform is best for their needs may be a different story, but writing an article on starting a blog is almost always completely superfluous.

    Whenever a user registers on WordPress or any of the various platforms, they are usually instructed in a step-by-step guide about how to set up their blog. Even if readers do want information about starting a blog, Google pulls up over 37 million results for “how to start a blog.” The chances that a reader will find your blog article are essentially nil.

stand out
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Of course, you may be thinking, just like Ecclesiastes once so famously said, “There’s nothing new under the sun.” While this may be true, the best blogging strategy is to go for an unusual topic first. If you still feel that you can offer new advice on an old topic, then make sure that your title stands out, and that your advice approaches the problem from an original and thought-provoking angle.

Good luck!

This guest post is contributed by Lauren Bailey, who regularly writes for accredited online colleges. She welcomes your comments at her email Id: blauren99 @ gmail.com (remove the spaces around @).


How do you stand out of the crowd?
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4 thoughts on “Want to Stand Out? Avoid these Blog Post Ideas

  1. con says:

    Thanks for the tips about blogging Lauren. I have been gathering information on how to do it properly at the same time be successful since it’s part of my new tasks online. But I have to agree that for me to learn and be effective, I have to actually do it. Besides, practice makes it perfect!

  2. Brian Tazer says:

    All valid points raised for more choice of blogging topics – and unfortunately, so many do this.

    If anyone blogs or tweets anything related to earn X money in a day by doing such and such (for example), they’re instantly deleted/unfollowed/blacklisted etc.

    The web is littered with too much junk as it is!

  3. Fer says:

    Thanks for this informative post! I am new at blogging and I find your article very helpful. I think that in order to be successful, aside from engenuity, you really have to have passion about what you write. Sure, money could be made but I believe that more than that the feeling of having your audience relate to what you write about is in itself a reward. Thanks a lot for this!

  4. Sandy says:

    Excellent article. There are way to many of these articles out there. There is also way to many abandoned blogs that are probably partly to blame on a lot of the topics you covered here. People read these articles and assume they have a blueprint. Then they find out it is a lot harder then any of the articles they have read and abandon the blog.

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