Why YouTube Must Be In Your Social Media Marketing Plans

After my recent Facebook series, we should not forget that your social media marketing plans must contain YouTube in order to get a lot more exposure using its wide variety of social media features.

Nitin Aggarwal, founder of Offshore Ally, is an advocate of incorporating YouTube in your social media marketing plans. He wrote today’s guest post about the topic.

I’ll let Nitin do the talking.

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While the words “social network” is nowadays usually synonymous with “Facebook” and “Twitter,” YouTube, though not as synonymous, has actually emerged as one of the most popular social media sites around as well.

Furthermore, it is gaining more and more features that users can quickly identify as belonging to the kingdom of social features.

The question is- how can you use YouTube if your interests, whether personal or business have absolutely nothing to do with videos?

For one thing, having your own videos is not a requirement to participate in the YouTube social network.
However, it is an advantage especially videos related to whatever industry you happen to be in. In the meantime, you can leave comments on the videos and channels of others, share videos you come across, create a unique playlist of share-worthy videos you come across, star rate videos, and finally have a section on your account for your favorite video content.

These activities make you visible to other users whether or not you have actually posted a video. On the other hand, you can create a simple video pertaining to your specific industry. For example, a “how to” or even a presentation snatched from your last PowerPoint.

After all, sharing content of value is encouraged on YouTube with all the various social sharing options that are the realm of blogs and social networks now found on YouTube. What’s more, you can share YouTube videos (whether your own or someone else’s) on Facebook and Twitter as well as post them on your blog via cut-and-paste.

All-in-all, you can actually aggregate all the power of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and your blog for effective inbound and outbound campaigning over multiple platforms with having to be too tech-savvy.

On the other hand, with all the social activity, how can you measure the effectiveness of your YouTube presence? To measure success on YouTube, you need to be wary of how your target audience responds to your video content or video content you share or have as favorites. Feedback can be left as direct comments or a 5-star rating.

Furthermore, YouTube features an indispensable (and free) tool called Insights.
Insights is YouTube’s reporting system that gives deeper data on each view your video collection is receiving, including viewer demographics, overall popularity, and communities your viewer fits.
You can use this data to further deliver content relevant to viewer and community. Furthermore, your video is dissected to where viewers stop watching (lose interest) and also as this performance rates against similar length video.

That is a lot of useful statistics at no cost. However, the real value of this data is what you do with it.
Finally, for new sites or blogs with little to no traffic, YouTube is a great way to get a jump start in visitors. You can link your channel and video to your blog or site.
This also applies to Search Engine Ranking as YouTube and social networks seem to show up in Search Results before your own website SEO efforts.

Even if YouTube is currently keeping it low-key compared to Facebook and Twitter, all the above tidbits are reason enough why YouTube is a key part of your social media marketing plans.

Author Note: Nitin Aggarwal is the founder of Offshore Ally- A Company offering virtual assistant and call center services. He is a passionate blogger and Internet marketing enthusiast. You can contact him via his Twitter account.

So, how about you?
Is YouTube part of your social media marketing plans?
Post your comments below.

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6 thoughts on “Why YouTube Must Be In Your Social Media Marketing Plans

  1. Fast says:

    This is definitely a fresh look at YouTube as an online community and not just content storage for videos.

    Definitely an interesting idea to use YouTube specifically for community building instead of sharing video content. Though I am a little skeptical of its actual value for a business or blogger that isn’t sharing original video content. I’d be interested to see an actual example of a user that doesn’t actually provide new content but has a significant following and is garnering value from it.

    Also something I thought I might add, If you do develop valuable content, industry specific or just linkbait, YouTube actually has a pretty great “profit sharing” program for those with popular content that they can slap and ad in front of. It’s a great way to make passive income if you’re producing content that you feel will get a lot of hits.

  2. Carmen says:

    Youtube has been an important part of my online marketing. My videos set me apart from my competition. They are very time consuming to produce but have been extremely beneficial. I have a much higher number of views than I ever imagined possible.

  3. Squiffy says:

    Interesting idea! The only time I uploaded a couple of YouTube videos, getting people to view them seemed to call for a marketing effort in itself. But come to think of it, my videos were rubbish …. I’d like to believe YouTube can pay off if done right! Would be interested in articles about what kind of thing gets hits on YouTube … anyway, thanks for this!

  4. John says:

    I actually never thought of using Youtube for marketing. Anyone have some videos that they would like to share to give me some ideas? I always thought of Youtube as a place where people just posted random funny videos. Guess I’ll start checking in to this more. Thanks!

  5. I am surprised that many people forget about Youtube when thinking about social media. To many people, social media begins with twitter and ends with facebook, or the other way around. YouTube is definitely on the top of my list of effective uses of social media in marketing – when it makes sense. Some things may not really benefit much from video, but with some outside the box thinking, most businesses can benefit from it. I have an article about it (from an entire section of my site about video markeitng) here: http://kercommunications.com/seo/why-you-need-internet-video-advertising/

  6. Case Stevens says:

    On behalf of Nitin: you’re welcome!

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