Top 9 Content Discovery & Curation Tools to Manage Social Media

Social media management tools that help you curate content and schedule posts on multiple accounts is a social media manager’s dream come true.
The Internet is teeming with a number of social media management tools and apps and you can choose the ones that suit your purposes the best.
But how do you decide which of these tools you should definitely be giving a try?

Here is a list of the top nine content discovery and curation tools to help you make that decision.

  1. DrumUp

    DrumUp lists content suggestions for you based on your keyword settings. The tool not only helps you discover great content, but also helps you schedule posts for easy sharing on your social media accounts.
    You can also add custom posts to the queue of scheduled content, and connect you blog feed with your social accounts, which ensures that every new post you publish gets shared on social media automatically.

  2. Prismatic
    Prismatic is an efficient content discovery tool that gives you all the articles that match your interest in a single window.
    The tool uses a mix of analytics and discovery algorithms to study your social profiles and identify your interests. It then tracks these topics to give you a continuous feed of relevant content in different media formats.

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  3. Alternion

    Alternion brings you all your online content and news feed from Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Facebook, and many more social media sites to one place. It links itself to your social media accounts which could be any of the 220+ social media sites whose information Alternion aggregates.
    It helps you get an overview of topics being discussed widely in your groups and curates your content based on the trending topics of discussion.

  4. Realtime by Bitly
    Realtime by Bitly also known as is an interactive application that carries out a real time scan of all the links available on Bitly and brings to you a list of what’s trending in real-time.
    You can filter these trending topics by social network, language, and topic. Realtime counts the number of clicks a post has received to bring you the hottest topics being spoken about on the Internet in real time.
  5. Klout

    This social media management tool offers content recommendations based on your keyword search.
    It gives you fresh content from across the Internet, including news articles and blog posts, and allows you to post them directly to your social media accounts. The Klout Score is indicative of you social ranking and also helps you identify top influencers for a given subject.

  6. Flipboard

    Flipboard is a free content discovery platform that lets you browse over 34,000 topics in 20 languages.
    Apart from aggregating content from some of the best sources on the Internet, Flipboard has gained some popularity owing to its attractive GUI. The tool does not offer any social media scheduling or management features, but it does let you share individual stories on Facebook and Twitter.

  7. Feedly

    Feedly is a content aggregator that helps you discover content from the most authoritative websites, news publications and blogs. You choose your sources for content by following specific sites and blogs, which publish content that is relevant to your business or industry.
    Like Flipboard, Feedly too comes with no scheduling features, but lets you share the articles you like one at a time. Its content suggestions typically include those that are trending in real-time. You can edit your list of sources at any point in time as per your requirement.

  8. uses keyword search to help you find articles pertinent to your target audience. Once you enter a search term, the tool returns content recommendations that are sources from a large number of sites.
    You can then review the recommendation, pick the ones that most likely to interest your followers and add a couple of lines to the post before you share it. This also helps give your posts a personal touch. Sharing on is extremely simple as it lets you post content on multiple social platforms with the click of a button.

  9. Bottlenose

    With the capabilities of a real-time search engine, Bottlenose helps you find the most trending content for a particular topic. Its real-time analytics help get a deeper understanding of your audience and industry.
    Insights from Bottlenose are also useful in tailoring you social ads for a specific audience segment. Apart from content recommendations and real-time trends analysis, Bottlenose also offers sentiment analysis.

Go ahead and give these tools a try and see them work wonders for your business. There are several other tools that you could try too, while some of them are free, others only offer paid options. If you have a favorite, tell us more about it in the comments section below.

Jessica follows the social media and content marketing space closely, and writes about it extensively. She represents Godot Media, a leading content marketing services firm.

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