5 Free small business resources every owner should use

Almost every small business is on a tight budget.

That’s where free and helpful resources may be of great help. And every small business owner can find them on the Internet. There are many of them.

Aidan Hijleh, freelance copywriter and liaison for Benchmark Email listed five of them in today’s guest post.

If you own a small business, read carefully.
Here goes.

5 Great FREE Resources That Every Small Business Should Be Using

For small business owners, being able to get a hold of helpful resources at a moment’s notice could be the difference between closing the deal and missing out on a golden opportunity.

The lack of finances often gets in the way, but the internet provides convenient access to a plethora of budget-friendly tools that can come in handy.

Following are five great resources any small business could benefit from using.

  1. WordPress
    Need a website or blog, but lack the web design and development experience it takes to build one from the ground up?
    If the answer is yes, then WordPress is probably the ideal resource for you. WordPress is best known as a blogging application, but can be used to create standard websites, which is how many businesses choose to use it.
    And while it caters to beginners, a little know-how of HTML and CSS can go a long way in customizing an online destination that is truly your own.

  2. Dropbox
    Data is crucial for a small business. Without it, your operation could literally crumble just like that. This is exactly what might happen if you don’t have a disaster recovery plan in place. Or at the very least, a viable way to backup and store your data.
    Free resources like Dropbox are perfect for this. Dropbox allows you to store and share all types of files and documents, photos, video, and more.
    The free version provides adequate space for most needs, but small businesses that demand more can easily upgrade for a modest fee.

  3. Google Apps
    If it is a free resource on this list no small business can do without, it just might be Google Apps.
    From document sharing with Google Docs to handling organizational tasks with Google Calendar, this suite of web-based applications has almost everything you need to accommodate daily communication and collaboration operations.
    Best of all, Google Apps is mobile-friendly, so you can connect from just about anywhere on any device.

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  4. Alexa
    Alexa is a website rating service that can also be a great resource for growing your business.
    So how can you put a tool like this to use? Well, you can start by claiming your website, something an alarming number of businesses fail to do.
    When you claim your site, you can also increase your visibility online by adding a description, contact information, keywords, and so forth.
    From there, you want to work on improve your rating, which can be done by simply having a good SEO and content marketing strategy.

  5. Social Media
    Last but not least is social media.
    By now, you have surely heard about sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, but maybe you’re still not sold on their business value. It’s about time you get with the program.
    These social networking platforms and others have plenty to offer, including increased awareness, engagement, and traffic. Most of these sites are free to use, so if you have the time, you really have nothing to lose.

They say you have to spend money to make money. That may be true in a sense, but free resources like these can help assure that you spend as little as possible.

Freelance copywriter and Non-Profit Partnership Liaison for Benchmark Email Aidan Hijleh advocates free email marketing services to assist with the flourishing of grassroots organizations.

Do you know more free small business resources?
Post them below.

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