The Best Small Business Platform is WordPress

Using WordPress for a small business platform is getting popular. We’ve written about that several times in the past.

Yet many small business owners are still on the edge.

That’s why I let Brendan Egan tell you why it’s a good idea to use WordPress as a small business platform.

Brendan’s daily activities are small business SEO services, so he definitely knows what he’s talking about.
So listen up and enjoy!
Here goes.

Utilizing WordPress As A Small Business Platform

WordPress used to be known only as a blog hosting website, much like Blogger.

However, it has now evolved into a powerful yet simple-to-use development tool. All kinds of businesses, companies and entrepreneurs utilize WordPress as a platform for their company.

Why WordPress?

Startups use WordPress as it provides low cost, easy websites.
Large corporations such as Time Magazine and blogs all use WordPress. Small businesses can benefit a lot from this host as they can create informational pages and quickly publish the content they want to be made available to the public without much hassle or expense.

Customizing Your WordPress Experience

WordPress is easy to use and very versatile. There are countless themes available which can be customized for your website. You can apply themes created by professional theme developers that suit your style and the tone of your business. This can range from the fun quirkiness of Blue Sky theme to the somber professionalism of Arthemia theme.

You can add numerous plugins to your WordPress site to increase functionality. Some popular plugins include:

  1. Email Newsletter – This plugin lets you quickly mail newsletters to all your registered users and has a ton of great features.
  2. Touch Carousel – One of the best WordPress slider plugins available.
  3. VidEmbed – No website is complete without a video app, and VidEmbed is a versatile choice.
  4. SocialBox – Smooth integration of all your social website statistics right on your WordPress page.

Plugins enhance your WordPress experience by:

  • Boosting your website’s popularity,
  • Keeping it well-maintained and in perfect working order,
  • Keeping it up-to-date,
  • Providing all kinds of small services.
small business platform use WordPress
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Security, Scalability, and SEO

Your website must be robust and be able to withstand potential attacks. It is an investment for the future of your business and must be able to handle varying amounts of internet traffic and to support your business needs that will grow with time.

WordPress pays a lot of attention to spamming issues.
It offers Akismet, a plugin that filters spam, preventing it from infiltrating your website.
Password protection and full user registration are other WordPress security measures. On WordPress, your user base will be confident that their personal information remains safe.

However, your site should still be easy to find by potential customers – for this, SEO is the key.
WordPress is widely known for being friendly in terms of SEO content. Being high on Google searches can boost any site’s reputation.

WordPress development is geared towards providing search engine optimization services for a small business or entrepreneur. SEO on WordPress is enhanced by:

  1. Using an SEO-friendly title tag,
  2. Setting up archives, to permit quick browsing of older posts,
  3. Checking the tag structure in many themes,
  4. Enabling permalinks,
  5. Leaving comments on others’ blogs for multiple backlinks.

One of the best things about WordPress is its development system; it guarantees cross-browser compatibility with strong performance. Web developers and designers know the challenge of ensuring that even simple websites be able to work across all browsers and platforms. Especially given the numerous problems associated with all Internet Explorer versions, couple with the large number of users.

Once you are moving forward after development, you have to make sure your website is maintaining its search engine rankings. You can choose a company that offers search engine optimization services for a small business WordPress-linked setup.

The Bottom Line
Hosting a website on WordPress is an extremely cost-effective move for a startup or small business. Its open source technology is free and countless plugins and add-ons can be found free of cost, saving money that would otherwise be used in expensive website development.

Once you decide to proceed with WordPress, there are offshore companies and individual freelancers or teams that can create your website efficiently and inexpensively.

Brendan Egan, SEO expert, runs Simple SEO Group that offers search engine optimization services for a small business. To contact Brendan, log on to

What’s your take on WordPress as a small business platform?
Post your comments below.

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One thought on “The Best Small Business Platform is WordPress

  1. Tom says:

    Totally agree on this article. I’ve always used WordPress, used it for the last four or five years for various businesses and ventures, and have never strayed.

    It’s incredibly customisable, even in its free format, and the flexibility you have with plugins etc. make it ideal when you host it yourself.

    Yoast is my favourite for SEO – fantastic little tool for analysing your content, and giving you the option to add meta descriptions as well. Brilliant.

    Plus, if you’ve got one or two coding-savvy guys in your web department, you can get them to code up a plugin that does what you want it to – all open source, baby!

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