The Coolest Tech Tools for Your Small Business

Entrepreneurs and small business owners frequently find themselves searching for low-cost solutions to big-issue problems.

You probably know there's technology available to help you manage your business operations and drive sales, but making sense of it all can be challenging.

According to, the 2013 Consumer Electronic Show debuted a wide array of technology and tools aimed at helping small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) do everything from streamline accounting practices to increase mobile access to your site.
The opportunities for small business owners are fruitful indeed.

Accounting Tools

Many entrepreneurs and SMB owners hire accountants rather than deal with bills, taxes, expenses and more. But new tools exist to not only reduce the need for outside professional services, but to get it done quicker and with more internal control.
The company Neat has something called a Digital Filing System that can decrease how much time you spend on managing expenses and costs.
The cloud-based system includes a scanner, software and a variety of mobile applications to transform your digital and paper documents into useful and organized information. There are also cloud-based reporting capabilities to minimize accounting time.

Finance Tools

If Neat's system isn't the right solution for your business, consider American Express and its Business Gold Rewards Card.
An entrepreneur or small business owner can charge unexpected costs on the card, track monthly expenses and earn awards for business or personal travel.
In addition, card holders will get exclusive access to business management advice and money-saving partnerships.

Mobile Tools

First, some numbers: According to StatCounter Global Stats, global mobile traffic represents about 13 percent of all traffic on the Internet, and the latest numbers from the Pew Research Center show that nearly a third of all Americans own a tablet (up from just 2 percent three years ago).
Additionally, according to research from Morgan Stanley, there are more than a billion smartphone users in the world – and that number is growing about 42 percent a year.

small business tech tools
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The mobile revolution means not only do you need to be found by customers who are using their mobile devices to search you, but your site must be optimized for mobile. There are advantages for you on the operations' end of things. Advantages of having your business mobile device-friendly include:

  • You can track where new and existing business is originating
  • Customers on mobile devices can order off your site
  • Mobile credit card payment solutions (think Square and GoPayment) make it possible for you do accept payment on the go
  • Assorted banking, marketing and credit card apps can help reduce the amount of time you spend running your business from your desktop computer

Digital Tools

Still taking lots of handwritten notes and then either transcribing them yourself or paying someone to do this, so you can get them into digital form?

That's no longer necessary with the LiveScribe Smartpen.

Simply write on the company's proprietary notepads with the digital pen, and everything you write or draw gets sent to the user's Evernote account for search, organizational and sharing capabilities.

Why not take some time from your daily workload to further investigate the many low-cost, tech-savvy solutions available to you? They may help your business grow and thrive in the coming years.

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