Sitemaps in robot.txt file

If you use Sitemaps to getting your websites noticed, you know it’s always been a hassle to getting these sitemaps submitted and verified with the major search engines. They all used different formats.

Not any more!, Google, Microsoft Live Search and Yahoo! recently decided to support of “autodiscovery” of Sitemaps through the robots.txt files.

As Rick Weber so nicely points out at his blog, the robots.txt file usually is the first file checked on a website by search engine spiders!
That’s a big plus.

All you have to do now is just add a line to your robots.txt file like this:


and the search engines mentioned above will discover your sitemap ‘automagically’.

So, Sitemap submissions are things of the past.

I use Sitemaps a lot and already changed my robots.txt files.
I strongly suggest you do the same if you want more exposure for your websites.


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