Shopping Cart for WordPress Pay Pal Plugin

Below you can download a shopping cart for WordPress.

It’s a Pay Pal plugin that let’s you easily create pay pal buy buttons, donation buttons or even shopping cart buttons for WordPress applications.

After publishing the WordPress Payment Plugin post, people asked me why such a plugin was necessary.

After all, you could also simply create a Pay Pal button for your products.

True! You could!

But many people simply don’t know exactly how to do just that. Or they haven’t time or just don’t feel like reading the instructions at the Pay Pal site.

Pay Pal plugins, like this wordpress shopping cart for instance, are for lazy people. Which we basically all are. Why do it the difficult way if we can use a simple Pay Pal plugin?

Besides that, more and more non-tech website owners are getting familiar using WordPress as a content management system. And therefore it’s nice to have all options in one place: the Dashboard.
It serves as a one stop shop!

So, you can login into your PayPal account and create buttons for single items or a shopping cart button for multiple items.

But you can also use this shopping cart for WordPress. It’s easy to use.
Watch this video.

[videoplayer file=”vids/PayPalplugin.flv” /]


Mind you, the WordPress Payment Plugin has more options regarding the setup of your product pages and download protection. It’s also very easy to use.

But this shopping cart for WordPress Pay Pal plugin may do when you’re starting out.

Here’s where you can download your copy of this shopping cart for WordPress.

You must download the shopping cart zip file onto your hard drive and unzip it. In there is another zip file containing the shopping cart for WordPress plugin called and that’s the one you should upload as shown in the video!
Thanks to Steven Mueller of Success Blog.

After you’ve installed it, let me know what you think.
Post your comments below.

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10 thoughts on “Shopping Cart for WordPress Pay Pal Plugin

  1. James@Gamerooms says:

    What!!! This is amazing finally they have a shopping cart for WordPress. I need to inform everyone I know about this. I have been waiting for this for a long time. This is going to help everyone looking to sell something on WordPress.

  2. james rollins says:

    This is some really good information. You’re absolutely right; I’m a little confused though. What exactly do you mean? There’s a couple ways to perceive this…either way good post and excellent website.

  3. I have tried to install this plugin, but had an error (about a missing header..?). However, if I can find a solution to this I will post it here, too!

    Besides that: This is a great plugin Case! It can be very helpful as you don´t have to login to paypal (reduces the risk of getting your information pished!) and it helps you to save time. But even more important: everything would be in one place: my dashborad! Thanks for sharing this plugin!

    • Case Stevens says:

      That is strange.
      I installed it on this blog without any problems.
      Looking forward to your solution.
      Thanks Steven.

      • Hi Case! I have solved the error: “Plugin Does Not Have a Valid Header”! The error showed up because the plugin was zipped and the plugin was within another folder! This causes WP to assume that the header is missing! So, if anyone else is experiencing this error you should simply download the plugin to your pc, extract it and only upload the correct folder! Hope that helps!

  4. Roslyn says:

    Yeah, I am lazy reading long and confusing instructions. Thanks I have downloaded the plug-in and its two thumbs up. For those who wants an easy life go download it!!!:)

  5. Martin @ Dartex Stucco says:

    I love the plugin, and it seems easy to use, but our web is created in joomla. I was wondering if would you know if joomla would have a paypal plugin as easy to use as this one? Or would it be better to maybe just change the blog are or our website with a wp template and then add the plugin to the wp part?

    we just started the blog part for the website as an extra for our clients and maybe now it would be easy to change. What would you suggest?

    • Case Stevens says:

      In the past I briefly reviewed Joomla and decided WordPress had much more flexibility as a CMS.
      That’s why I opted for WordPress, so I don’t know Joomla and I don’t know if there’s a shopping cart available.
      Installing WordPress on your site is very well possible and I would recommend it, but that’s just a PERSONAL opinion.
      Others may think quite differently.

  6. Herbal says:

    I had installed this plug-in into my WordPress page and its working absolutely fine. This plug-in rocks. Thanks for sharing.

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