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Today I want to draw your attention to a blog from a country fellowman: Joost de Valk.

Joost is a Search Strategist at the SEO department of a Dutch online marketing, advertising and seo company and he’s a WordPress expert.
He also runs his own web design company called AlthA Webdesign.

Joost must be a great SEO expert, since his blog has a page rank of 6. At the time of writing this, Google shows 397 links back to his site, Yahoo over 34,000 and Live Search even more than 43,000.

The latter is the reason I came up with Joost’s site.
You see, I use Firefox and the Search Status add-on. Amongst a lot of other things, Search Status allows you to easily show backward links of any page/domain with the click of a button.

But Live Search hasn’t show backward links for months now. Joost de Valk
Joost came up with the answer in his post Live Search’s link command work again and they’re awesome!.

I’m very happy with this great tip, as Live Search seems to exclude links with the nofollow feature. Check it out and be sure to read the rest too. Could be interesting if you’re a techie.

If you poke around at Joost’s site, you’ll find a lot of SEO stuff and many gems. Like the Domain Info Checker or his WordPress Plugins.

I use his Enhanced WordPress contact form plugin. It’s an easy one, since it creates an extra quick tag button in your admin pages and it inserts a contact form whenever you click on it.

This great plugin adds the referring page on your site, or, if the referrer is a search engine, it adds the keywords in the query, it’s spam protected and has an extra option for the sender to include a CC to him/herself. (For an example, click the Contact Me link in the top menu).

Another interesting part of his site are the Greasemonkey scripts. I use them whenever I check the inbound links in the sitemaps of my Google Webmaster Tools. They show the PageRanks of the URL’s that link to you.

Check him out and subscribe to his feed. Be careful though, you can easily browse half a day at that site.
It’s that good!

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2 thoughts on “SEO, WordPress and Other Gems

  1. Thanks for the very kind words!

  2. Case Stevens says:

    Matt, Abigail, check it out, it’s a nice one.

    Joost: You’re welcome. Wasn’t hard to do with such a quality blog. 🙂

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