Top 7 SEO Tips from Richard Branson

Richard Branson is one of the leaders and entrepreneurs that inspires people with his actions that lead to the creation of the Virgin company and of more than 300 private companies. His companies take leading positions in 23 different niches ranging from airlines to hotels, radio and vines.

Today I am going to tell you about top SEO tips from Richard Branson that you can easily use for effective website promotion and get the best ranking results in search engines.

Here are top 7 SEO tips:


  1. Do not do it, if you don’t enjoy it!
    The process of business creation takes much time and efforts. It is a hard and long-term work. The net result is that you can be proud of your achievements. You should do what you really enjoy. Your work must profit people and you. If you enjoy it, you will be on the right path to reach whatever you want.

    Most of people take up a certain job that brings profits. No matter how many negative emotions they feel while doing this work, but they are doing that as it turns profits. But, ultimately, the result won’t be so successful as your attitude to your work.

    How to use this tip on SEO?

    There is a strong connection between satisfaction and profits. When you enjoy what you are doing, you will get both the growth of the material well-being and self-development. This way of living will be applicable for all fields of business, including SEO and marketing.

    When you do your favorite occupation, you will always get growth and development. That affects both professional and financial results.
    It is important to find your favorite niche and get a satisfaction from this process.

  2. Be visible
    Richard Branson, creating his own brand, always used and uses this worthless piece of advice from Sir Freddie Laker. He said: “Make sure you appear on the front page and not the back pages. You are going to have to get out there and sell yourself. Make a fool of yourself, whatever it takes. Otherwise, you won’t survive”.

    7 top seo tips from richard branson

    He digested this lesson quite well. He is always in the limelight. Everybody made fun of him when he ballooned around the world with his brand name on it or when he was driving a tank down Fifth Avenue in New York to introduce Virgin Cola product. But, that really helped him to attract attention to his brand.

    How to use this SEO tip?

    I should mention that now white SEO is content marketing that gives not only quality links, but drives much traffic, online brand visibility and sales. In order to make your content viral, you should write useful, fresh and epic content.

    First, you should get the mechanism and basics of content marketing, always test, invest money in content (if you are not a great copywriter by nature) and initially create this product based on these rules.

    The importance of building your online brand will give many results and website rankings, but this is not the main purpose to cover your quality content on different websites. You should do the best to make your online product visible to get traffic, leads and high ranking in search engines.

    With the recent updates and algorithms from Google, it becomes more important to be visible and popular. Don’t be afraid to make funny and silly experiments if it is worthy for your brand. Be creative!

  3. Choose your name wisely
    Richard considers that the name of your brand can be also the guarantee of your success, career development and prosperity. He was sure that the brand name “Virgin” would give them added value, the best service and a fresh and sexual attitude to what they are doing. He considers himself virgins in business. It was not surprising that this brand name was really risky and was the subject of much controversy, but, eventually, it made him popular and successful.

    How to use this tip on SEO?

    You should get the following points that

    • There is the algorithm from Google under the name EMD
    • It prevents poor quality websites from ranking well as they have many keywords in the domain names
    • With this Google update, sites paid much attention to their domain names.
    • It is better to create a quality and easy-to-remember brand name instead of a spammy brand name.

    Finally, you will get the most out of this approach in future. It concerns not only a website for successful website promotion, but also companies at all.

  4. You can’t run a business without taking risks
    Richard Branson always reminds his preferred quote: “The brave may not live forever – but the cautious do not live at all!”

    The business itself is tied up with risks and you should be ready to get knocked down. But he is sure that there is no success from running a business carefully. You can break down, but there is no such a thing like a total failure. You just need to roll up your sleeves and start again to reach your targets.

    branson quote
    How to use this SEO tip?

    Search engine promotion is a crap shoot, only a few SEO specialists play by the rules of search engines with search engines itself.

    What you need to do:

    • Always test different ways of site promotion;
    • Never give up, if you can’t get enough search traffic;
    • Try out various methods and ways of website promotion;
    • Eventually, you will gain the point and get high website rankings.

    If you look at things as they stands, you will get that many ways of search engine promotion involve risks. Don’t you think so?

    As soon as you get much organic traffic and sales, you will get many ideas and variants how to improve the plan of website promotion in order to get more traffic and gains.

  5. Be a leader, not a boss
    Richard Branson thinks that a boss should be sort of anachronism. Being bossy is not the main trait of a boss, you should not only run a company, but encourage people. It doesn’t mean that employers should do everything the boss tells him in spite of his opposite point of view. But this employer should be the first one who will remind the boss to try something new”.

    A good leader is someone who executes his own ideas and ideas of his employees, who gives them an inspiration to burgeon and reach their goals.

    How to use this tip on SEO?

    It is simple. To thrive you shouldn’t know everything, it is enough to successfully manage tasks of your team and encourage them with given results.

    If people are loaded with energy and inspiration, you will get good results. You should always motivate and inspire yourself and your team.

  6. You can’t do everything by yourself
    That is not true at all. You can do everything, but not at the same volume like you want. To build a successful company, you should spend much time, sweat, money and tears to be reach something that you can be proud at the end of the day.

    In order to promote your product or business, it is better to develop your company and take only the best specialists in your field. As a result, you will get a massive output from the overall process.

    That is how Richard Branson deals with his company where only the best managers and employees are.

    How to use this tip on SEO?

    If you have a highly qualified team, you can be on the upswing with them. It will be quite easy to do that in spite of doing that by yourself.

    Time is quite a limited resource, I guess you don’t want to spend twenty-four seven to occupy with work.

    I would like to tell about my experience. We had 6 SEO specialists in our staff, we didn’t have account managers. I had to interact with clients and solve all their questions. My day was split up like that:

    • By day I communicated with clients, found new ones and fixed important issues.
    • At night, I did SEO work and checked out how the SEO process was going on key projects.

    You can do like that, but that would hardly do. If you rapidly develop and train your team, as a result, the overall process will work quite better than earlier.

  7. The first impression is very important, the second is equally as important
    To attract more clients, the first impression is really important for your company as well as the second one. The second time a client will contact you if they get any questions regarding your product or software. How you present your brand will say a lot about how your company can build good relations with customers and handle different problems.

    If you set the bar, you should comply with it, not only for the first time to attract clients.

    How to use this tip on SEO?

    Now we are talking more about relationships between search engines.

    For instance:

    • if you got penalties for certain actions, lost traffic and website rankings;
    • don’t wait something new in case you are going to act like that again.

    If you have decided to do white SEO, you should:

    • promote website carefully;
    • play by rules of search engines;
    • use those methods of website promotion that won’t hurt your website in future.

    It is crucial if you plan to develop your project on long-term basis and always improve it, but not rest on your laurels.

I can say only one thing if you want tangible results, you just need to do it!
Other nuances can be decided by itself within the creation of a company or project.
What do you think about top 7 SEO tips from Richard Branson?

Irina Weber is a blogger and marketing manager of SE Ranking. She creates and develops new marketing campaigns, writes articles and runs an own blog on SE Ranking. If you get any questions, you can reach her on Twitter.

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