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Search engine optimization has changed drastically over the last years due to all the changes that the search engines have applied. As these changes unfolded, the interest in specifically search engine optimization has drastically decreased. DYI specialist have disappeared from the scene, no one dares to take risks, afraid of being penalized.

Enter The Rankings Institute!

Ever heard about that? Probably not as almost no one knows about its existence.

It’s an SEO coaching program that opened doors in January this year and doors closed again after 10 short days. Hence, it comprised a small private group. Hardly a word was spoken about it for the next 8 months except by those who got in, I was one of them!

But in that dark and mysterious program some of the most coherent and most spectacular ranking winner stories of any program of it’s kind, ever, were borne.

Soon it’s about to open its doors again and it’s about time more people get to know the latest search engine optimization rules with a higher success value than any other.

This new born program was named ‘The Rankings Institute’ and it was developed by affiliate marketing expert coach Andrew Hansen and “SEO Genius” Alex Miller.

In a step by step approach the Rankings Institute takes students in 8 Modules, delivered one per week through the new, 2014 world of search engine optimization… a world that looks very unlike the SEO universes of years past. In this new world old formulas stagger and groundbreaking new plans of attack win the day.

These two experts have been able to build an search engine optimization strategy based on “what’s working now,” thanks to their participation in several SEO companies and their consultative positions to other SEO firms. They claim to have access to the test results from thousands of websites and are perpetually observing to check which methods and which plans of attack have the most outstanding effects. They’re capable to compare “what Google tells is working” to what’s really functioning.

The program begins at the ground-works of keyword research ‘new style’ and takes students the whole way through to breaking down alterations in traffic and adapting plans of attack according to what’s working best.

The most vital items of understanding they advocate for are

  1. varieties to keyword strategy with respect to the hummingbird update
  2. alterations to site construction and shifts of focus in the domain of “on site optimization” (which is quite different to what it used to mean)
  3. modifications to link building insights to reflect how Google really views websites in 2014.

And the members who have adapted to these new views have appeared to achieve extraordinary results.

One of the students, named Franc, grew his traffic from below 100 to almost 1200 visits per day in a period of 3 months. The most striking fact about this achievement was that he did it without building any backlinks (a point Alex and Andrew emphatically make within the program). Here’s the video about Franc’s results.

search engine optimization student franc

Another student by the name of Ennis established a review site as an amazon affiliate from scratch and managed to bank $3,856 per month with nothing but free Google traffic. She managed to double her traffic from 1000 to more than 2000 visits per day using a specific back-linking formula from Module 6 in the course and then she managed to push her traffic past 3000 visits per day using the same technique again the following month!

From his day job as a welder, a student called Blaine developed a $5000 per month income stream from a brand new affiliate site and some spectacular Google rankings.

Andrew assures me that these are just the beginning. The success of their members,, as Andrew tells me, is providing the assistance necessary to achieve rapid success rather than just providing the information.
The Rankings Institute is an intensive 8 week program and Andrew & Alex give individual guidance over manifold mediums to ensure that students don’t just know what to do… they do what they know.

Andrew will be holding a free, live training webinar to mark the new opening of the program on September 9th that will be taking attendants through the case studies of these 3 members and disclosing current formulas that could have anyone mastering page one in their niche in a short time period.

You can register for the live training webinar at this link and make a start there. Then you can decide to take an intensive and outstanding course like the Rankings Institute to improve your SEO.

If you can’t wait for the webinar, check out the video of student Franc.

Andrew Hansen held a free webinar that explained how a lady he’s been coaching for the last 6 months grew her revenue from almost nothing, to $14,300 in the month of May.

(Hint: it had to to with the content strategy she employed)

I thought I’d send you a copy of this webinar replay to watch. You can click this link to watch it now.

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