Saturday Night Humor

No marketing humor this week, just humor to bring a smile on your face for the weekend. 🙂


You may know that people who suffer from asthma may use an inhaler.

Watch this great instructional video below to learn how to use them.

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3 thoughts on “Saturday Night Humor

  1. Percussion Instruments says:

    Classic House! Love the fact that he is so authentic with his american accent- have you heard speak in real life?

  2. clavie arabe says:

    lol! That was one of Houses instant classics! after that he left the room and the lady was %$#/&%$ at him !! lol.

  3. Travel India says:

    “The systematic review compares the effectiveness of

    the new inhaler to the current “best practice” of

    separate inhalers for different phases of asthma


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