Automate Your Sale Leads with an Online System

In the age of the internet it is natural that most businesses run certain processes on automation. One of these is the storage and tracking of the potential sale leads from your website and other sources.

By automating the process in a centralized system that a sales manager has access to, he is able to coordinate his following up of the leads better. The marketing opportunities that the automated leads system offers are well worth looking into for the benefits that they afford.

Here are some processes that could generate sale leads for your business without a single employee of your company lifting a finger.

Automated email marketing

If you have a centralized system where potential sale leads are stored, an automated email marketing system can be built associated with it.
Each email address in the system can be sent an automated message from the company with special offers, relevant opportunities or periodical discounts. It can be used for after sales follow up emails or for collecting survey data as well.

A little bit of testing and tweaking would be required to see how optimal use can be made of the email addresses available.
The emails would have links leading to your products page online where the potential customer can check out the features of the product and even buy it online. This would reduce many man hours spent in contacting potential sale leads by telephone or in person. For that alone it is worth giving a try.

Highlighting the most promising potential sale leads automatically
Not all sale leads are likely to be as promising, so a system of segregation of the best potential sale leads is needed.
In order to do so, a predefined criterion will be required. This would take the form of well defined rules and conditions that the person who feeds in the data for the sales leads would follow.
Then the centralized system would process the data and come up with the best leads to contact. There could even be the possibility of defining the best way to contact the potential customer.
Some may prefer a phone call while others would be more comfortable getting an email. These small preferences should also be recorded in the system and adhered to strictly in order to not inconvenience or upset the potential customer.

Streamline the conversion to sale process
Once the most promising potential leads have been isolated by the automated system, there is a need to make it easy for the customer to buy the product which he or she is interested in.
A number of potential sales do not go through because the automated system does not take into account the customer’s need for human assurance. While automation can save the sales manager the initial steps of contacting a customer and getting them into the mood to buy the product, it cannot help when the customer has individual queries that a general FAQ does not answer.

Here the sales staff needs to be easily accessible to the customer in order for them to help clinch the sale. Some customers may have a short term cash crunch. The sales staff can advise them about payday loans online no faxing required. Short term cash needs can be met with ease with such loans and the customers can make their purchases easily.

While some customers may not require the human contact on a repeat transaction with the company, many first time customers will appreciate it if the company representative eases their completion of the sale.

Timely After Sales Follow Ups
An automated system makes contacting customers post purchase a breeze.
Customers can be contacted via phone or email after they complete the purchase to find out about their experience, complaints, suggestions or any other kind of feedback. This can help the company improve their service for future customers.

For instance, a system can be set up to contact buyers 2 days after the purchase to know if the product has been installed correctly and whether the customer is satisfied with the purchase process.
In a week’s time he can be contacted to know if he is in need of any further assistance.
Later after a month the customer can be sent a survey for feedback about the purchase process and product.
One should be careful to not overdo the contact emails or phone calls so as to avoid annoying the customer. Too much contact from the company can be perceived as irritating at times.

Sarika Periwal is a sales and marketing consultant to small and medium businesses.

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