Why I’m Sad and You Can Be Happy!

I’m sad! Because I can’t make it.
I’ve my offline real estate business to attend where I’m doing a multi million dollar project. It’s in a critical phase right now and I can’t leave it alone.

I was really looking forward to go and I tried everything to make it happen. Because events like this are great opportunities to expand your network and land some great joint ventures that will make you lots of money.

I know, because I’ve attended a couple of them a few years ago. JV Alert Live events, to be more specifically. It’s where I met people like Joel Comm, John Reese, Willie Crawford, Carl Galetti, Sid Hale and, of course, Kenneth McArthur. Just to name a few.

I landed some great JV’s during these events from which I still profit today. And besides that, many people know me personally, which makes contact on social networks like Facebook and Twitter much easier.

Unfortunately, I can’t make it. It would not be responsible to leave my project alone.

Willie Crawford 50 Birthday Bash.jpg
Photo Credit: Matheus Britto

That means I can’t meet people like David Preston, Willie Crawford, Mark Hendricks, Stephen Pierce, Lynn Terry, Dr Ron – The Niche Prof- Capps, Shel Horowitz, Rob Canyon, Felicia Slattery and a lot more.

They’re all coming to Willie Crawford’s 50th Birthday Bash, a learning-packed internet marketing seminar, networking 24/7, and a fun-filled roast all packed into 3 exciting days.

By the way, meeting famous Internet marketers like the ones mentioned above in a live marketing event, would normally cost at least over a thousand dollars. JV Alert Live Events doesn’t cost that much, but this one beats all. You won’t have to pay anything near these amounts of money.

Check out the absolute bottom price to meet these people in person and talk to them and…. who knows!

Amazing huh? And hotel rooms are discounted!
Here’s a convenient place to find the best rates on airfare, rental cars, etc.

David “The Legendary Consultant” Preston will be master of ceremonies… and promises lots of surprises during a weekend that you’re guaranteed never to forget.

There will be a ROAST and Party Friday night, March 27th that will PROVE that you can mix business and pleasure in a very profitable way!

You may understand why I’m sad now. I would have loved to be there. If YOU can go, take this opportunity, right now!

I’ve never learned so much as when attending live events. I’ve never made so many new connections in such a short time as when attending live events. Never, ever was landing a JV more easy as when during these live events.

I urge you to check your calendar of activities and attend this event if possible. They don’t often come as cheap as this one!

And when you do, say hello to my friend Willie. Congratulate him from me.
If you aren’t able to attend, consider becoming a member of his Inner Circle. A tiny bit less convenient than talking face to face, but still very rewarding.

Post your comments below.

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10 thoughts on “Why I’m Sad and You Can Be Happy!

  1. nero startsmart says:

    This sounds like a great opportunity. I am very grateful that you you set up all the links to make going easier. Sounds like you have your hands full, but most things in life worth having don’t come easy. So I am sorry that you will not be able to come and wish you the best of luck on your project.


  2. Josh says:

    Wow, sounds like a great event. Too bad I can’t attend. I’ve always wanted to go to an internet marketing conference, but I’m just afraid I would get too much information and not know where to start when I got back.

  3. business mailing list says:

    This is great – I hate when I get exited about a great even and go look into it and it coast thousands of dollars. I am trying to earn my money and not give my money away. This sounds like a great event – thanks for showing us.

  4. Veteran Loans says:

    This even sounds great!! How much is it, I work with tons of Veterans everyday who would benefit from an event like this, but sadly most of them don’t have any money. If this even is only a few hundred or so maybe I could talk to some of the people that I work with.

  5. Case Stevens says:

    Maybe, but who is Nick?

  6. Rose | London Mortgage Brokers says:

    Hope there are events like these in the UK. To get discounts on everything while learning a lot–it’s great! Folks out there are really lucky.

  7. goacom says:

    It seems it is a big event and its showing in the agony that you express on your missing it. however I guess it is worthwhile to focus on some areas more responsibly than scatter attention all over. YOu will therefore have to live with the demands of what seeks more time and attention from you.

    I guess this was happening in my country in Asia and i would give it a thought. The cost would surely bother though. however like you say the benefits accruing are immense. For the moment I guess i will have to upgrade my knowledge bank with the resources available at my disposal.

  8. CashMakers says:

    Damn, that event looked nice. Too bad you missed it. Hopefully you’ll attend next one, if it is going to happen.


  9. Tennessee Drug Rehab says:

    Hey i work for a drug rehabs, thanks for the tips on promotion and money making!!!


  10. Bollywood says:

    I really love love these big events.Hoping that in our place, well also have that kind of opportunity.The cost would surely bother though. However like you say the benefits accruing are immense. Wish such events happen in our sub-continent too.


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