Reseller Hosting – 6 Great Tips for Getting Started

Nowadays, many people are realizing the enormous potential that lies in the business of reseller hosting.
This is a kind of business where a small hosting company buys a large quantity of bandwidth and disk space from a larger company, and then divides these into smaller packages which are resold to customers.

Many people who are looking for a web host prefer reseller services since they offer bandwidth and disk space in small quantities, and thus have more affordable plans compared to larger web hosting providers.

Before you venture into reseller hosting, you need to realize that there are numerous other small and large companies out there offering web hosting services. This means that you have to come up with something exceptional so as to get the attention of customers.

The following are some steps you can take towards becoming a successful reseller host:

  1. Research
    Before doing anything else, you should first carry out extensive research.
    The process of research should be relatively easy since most web hosting providers have their own sites, blogs and social media profiles. In addition, you can find more information about these companies in review sites and hosting forums.

    Find out how much competition you are up against, and what their strengths are. In addition, take time to identify consumer needs which are not being met by the current service providers.

  2. Write a business plan
    A business plan is a very vital element for the success of any business.
    However, many reseller hosting businesses fail due to lack of planning or impractical revenue expectations. When a company is getting started, customers don’t just appear automatically. You need to have a plan which will show how much capital you need to get started, how you will promote your services, and how much income you can realistically expect to receive.

    To enhance your chances of success in the business, you need to focus on a specific target market.

    reseller hosting business plan
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  3. Choose a reseller hosting company

    There are numerous web hosting providers out there who offer reseller accounts.
    When carrying out your research, look for companies which are established and of a good reputation. Your business plan will guide you in deciding which hosting provider is best suited for your business.

    Once you have written a shortlist of the companies you are considering, you need to get in touch with each of them to talk about your plans and needs. This engagement will give you an idea of how helpful and fast the company’s support is.

  4. Sign up
    Once you have identified the most suitable web hosting company, you can then go ahead to sign up for a reseller hosting account. The web hosting company will provide you with contracts for your own customers.

    In addition, you will be offered an automated billing system for your customers that will enable you to accept payments by credit card. Though the features provided vary from one company to another, you will generally have everything you need to get started.

  5. Optimize your site
    Optimization is very important for enhancing the ranking of a site or blog, thus making it more visible to prospects.
    Since your site is involved in web hosting, you need to get it ranked for the term ‘web hosting’. You can do this by creating articles covering various web hosting topics, and getting them posted on your site or blog.

    Make sure you respond to questions and comments left on your posts by readers. You could also write guest posts for other blogs which are web hosting related. Remember to include a link to your site within your author bio. Having many links pointing back to your site will enhance your chances of ranking high in search engines. A higher ranking will lead to more traffic, and eventually more customers.

  6. Promote your business
    This is the most challenging aspect of reseller hosting.
    You will need to work extra hard to make yourself stand out from the multitude of players in the industry. Take advantage of every chance you have to create awareness about your business. Social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ can be very effective for getting word out. Online message forums also offer a great opportunity to advertise your business.
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  1. Sunday says:

    Reseller Hosting is becoming popular with many people who wants to run an online business. The cost of setting up this business is not as high as many other venture.

    However, caution needs to be applied with this type of business, because it signing up with a wrong business can impact negatively for the entrepreneur.

    Well, I guess the above concern should no longer be an issue since there are many useful tips and guides on how to make the most of reseller hosting business.

    The 6 tips explained in this post are very much relevant, and should be basic for anyone considering reseller hosting business!

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