Two products that really make money

I finally managed to download all products from Willie’s Wedding Fire Sale.

Phew, it was a lot. All great products.

I want to tell you why I was so excited last Sunday when I discovered what was in this package.

That was because I spotted two very interesting products in there that have made me lots of money in the past and still
do every day.

No, it wasn’t Keyword Legend. It takes a while to download this baby and it may take even more to install it (holy
cow, that took more than half an hour!), but …

it sure looks like I’ve never have to do any keyword research in 2006. They’re all in there! No kidding.

And it wasn’t Tuelz either:

Fat Search 1.3, The ultimate multiple-search engine tuel, giving you total control over your results.
Find most relevant sites, compare rankings and more.

Moniterz 1.0, Moniterz is on the watch for your websites.

The Newz Tuel 1.0, a complete news reader and RSS pheed aggregator that offers extreme ease of use, with powerful category and search functions for power pheedsters.

Updatez 1.2, keeps track of the web pages you want and watches for any modifications, letting you know when they’ve been changed.

Neither the one year membership to Michael Worthington’s where you can see how to set up websites.

Or building a complete Poster store with a build in affiliate program to monetize your web traffic.

And I don’t mean all the resell rights you get from Michael Rasmussen and the Massive Reseller Vault. No fluff products here, but really valuable stuff.

And I’m not referring to Power Copywriting For The Internet by Bob Serling, a real MUST Have to instantly improve your

No, I’m talking about that little file near the bottom of the download page.

It’s called “Small Changes: Big Profits” and it’s by far the best resource I’ve ever read about testing.

It’s written by Internet Marketing Expert Paul Hancox and I also use his split-testing script which is phenomenal.
It teaches you how to quickly and easily make more sales from your web site, only …

Paul decided to retire from the Internet. I was searching for him at the forums last December, but he’s nowhere to be found. So, you can’t buy his stuff any more.

That’s why I was so pleased that Willie included his very own split testing script along with this gem.

I bought “Small Changes: Big Profits” a couple of years ago. I think I paid about 50 dollars for it, but it earned me back many times that amount in just a couple of months.

I’ve uploaded Willie’s split testing script and discovered it has the same qualities as the one I’m using.

The script is written in PHP and you have to install a database, but if you’re having trouble with that I will help you installing it, for free!

These two products, the split testing script AND the ebook “Small Changes: Big Profits” alone are worth the price of this package.

All other products are sheer profits.

I guarantee you this:
if you read “Small Changes: Big Profits” and apply what’s in there using the split-testing script, you will earn back every cent you’ve spend on this package in just a couple of weeks of testing.

That’s how confident I am about these products.

So, I strongly advice you to get your copy now.

Case Stevens

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