Free Promotion For You And Your Business

We’re doing another Group Project at Willie Crawford’s The Internet Marketing Inner Circle (TIMIC) and YOU can participate.

You can promote yourself and your business, PLUS you can make money from it, just by writing a 4 page true story. It must be a good story, but that’s all there is to it. Details are below.

We’ve done Group Projects before. I was so fortunate to manage the very first one and I was very happy that this project was an outstanding success from the start.

Since then there have been many more projects and lots of members have successfully launched their own products because other members joint ventured with them. We’re a close group, working perfectly together. And it’s always nice to learn from the famous marketers who are in there. If you’re interested in working together with us, I suggest you click that link at the top and check it out.

So… another group project, but in contrast with previous ones, YOU can participate.
Rob 'The Genie' Toth
This one is managed by famous marketer Rob ‘The Genie’ Toth.
Rob is collecting 100 stories of how people made their first $100 online. He already has close to 60 stories, but there’s room for 100 of them.

That’s where you come in. You can send your story to Rob.
Once he has his 100 stories, he will create an information product out of it and we’re going to do MAJOR marketing campaign to get this spread out all over the Net.

If YOU participate, this could potentially mean A LOT of FREE ADVERTISING for you and your business.

So…. what are you waiting for?

The only condition for participating in this great venture are some guidelines that you have to comply to (see below) and I warn you, if your submission doesn’t comply it will be deleted immediately.

So please read these guidelines carefully. They’re not difficult to follow.
Submissions close on February 28, 2009, so, after reading the guidelines, send in your submission immediately. First come, first served!

– Must be a true story. Don’t make something up just to contribute!

– 2-4 pages preferred. Single spaced, regular 12pt font size. BUT… if you article is full of great content and is a great story, obviously exceptions can be made. But do try to stick to the 2-4 page guideline.

– Your content must be an ethical strategy (spam blasting, cheating, scams, etc not allowed). Maybe you made mistakes months or years ago when you started and you were spamming anything and everything. That’s fine. Hope you’ve learned your lessons. BUT… the story of those results won’t suffice. Please find the first LEGITIMATE $100 (approx) that you’ve created ONLINE.

– You should describe at least your first $100 worth of steps taken. So if your first ever income online was selling a set of golf balls on Ebay where you made $15 net profit… then also add in your 2nd way of how you generated an income. Give the reader a look at how you created at least $100. NOTE: If your first ever idea produced thousands, by all means PLEASE include that story.

– Try to offer a bit of background and tell it like a story or with conversational writing (ie: this is NOT a technical journal).

– Feel free to mention the lessons you’ve learned to provide the reader with some points to take away. In fact, feel free to include screen shots and specific numbers if/when possible.

– Your story’s particulars (that is to say the money making part) should be geared towards a “beginner” … Therefore using acronyms, big words etc…. won’t help them understand it. Please, keep that in mind.

– The less fancy formatting you use, the quicker and less problematic it is to add into the project. So cutting the text off at 65 characters, indentation, use of multiple fonts and colors etc isn’t helpful. If possible, please avoid these.

– Please run spell check and quickly proof your submission (makes the job easier for the editors).

– Profile pictures are recommended but you MUST send them as a separate file (vs just copy/pasting into Word). The final document is being compiled via Publisher and it’s easier to work with images if they are added in “raw” vs. copy/pasted from your word file. NOTE: If you’d like to include screenshots, etc … it’s encouraged but again, please send the images you use separately as well (though you’ll want them in your .doc so I know where you wanted them placed).

– Only YOUR domains will be hyperlinked and only within reason (ie: don’t list 10 of your sites just for the sake of it). But no affiliate links will be permitted. Also, blogspot and squidoo links, etc won’t be linked either. If you’d like to drive traffic to a blogger page (for example), please use a domain redirect.

– OPTIONAL BUT RECOMMENDED: Include a “by-line” or “resource box” at the end of your article. It makes sense that you should include a bit of information of who you are (edification about you) but also include a link back to your web page. It must be your own web page (no affiliate links permitted).

– As a contributor… you’ll be setup to earn 100% commission once the product is launched. BUT… please note that you will NOT be permitted to give copies away freely or at your discretion. This is a group project and is owned by the group. Please respect that by NOT giving away copies of the finished product.

– First 100 submissions (approved submissions!) get included … though there’s always room for a volume 2 … but the sooner you write/provide yours, the more likely you’ll be part of it.

NOTE: If you’d like to include a video in conjunction with your text, send it in. It can help add more dimensions to the product, a lot more perceived value AND will build better rapport for you with the reader.

– To submit your story, please provide it in either .txt or .doc format (not PDF!) and send it as directed below:

1) Send an email to info AT 27am DOT com with your .txt or .doc file attached (or a link to where I can download it from).

2) IMPORTANT: The subject of your email must be “100 Stories Contributor” … this way I find it easier.

3) You must also include contact details in your email … full name, email address and, preferably, phone or Skype in case I (or another editor) need to contact you.

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5 thoughts on “Free Promotion For You And Your Business

  1. Brand Yourself says:

    Hi Case,

    I think this is a great idea, and should serve as quite an interesting resource to especially newbies looking to get into the affiliate and internet marketing mix.

    When does the TIMIC hope to release this, are you looking at the middle of the year sometime?


  2. Digital Mastering says:

    wow! great idea. Is there any restriction regarding the story means i get my first 100 dollars(they were actually 200) by selling a blog instead of earning it via adsense etc. Anyway i am in the contest. Hope my story will get in the book.

  3. x says:

    Fantastic news! I think I may be trying this myself. Obviously I have questions but how better to get them answered that to actualy try it!

  4. Erik G says:

    Sounds like a great deal, I love writing stories so I’m definitely going to hop on this deal. Thank you so much for the promotion!

  5. Rob Toth says:

    Thanks Case for posting this.

    I think we’re in the 70 stories range right now.

    I do encourage anyone with a strong story to send it in. Can it provide a lesson for someone? Can it show how you got started even before you knew the fancy tricks and techniques or had assets (lists, JV partners, affiliate team, ad money)?

    I’m giving a bit of preference to non info-marketing related stories. If you wrote an ebook and sold it, that’s fine… still send in your story.

    But I’m hoping for a few more stories that have nothing to do with info-marketing.

    Case provided my email and details above.

    I’m wrapping up the event this weekend and then have to work on releasing Future Of Info Marketing … but the 3rd priority is “100 Stories”… which gives you several more weeks to get your story in.

    After a long drawn out journey with this project, we should be live by late May or early June… pushing this hard.

    The feedback for this project has been fantastic. It’s one of the only products on the market that shows REALLY how to get started because it provides a glimpse at how 100 complete novices (ie: back when we got started) took those first profitable steps.

    There’s a sample at if you’d like to skim it for format/content.

    Thanks everyone! I look forward to reading your submissions.

    With appreciation,

    Rob Toth

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