Private Label Rights and Recurring Income

I’ve written several posts on Private Label Right (PLR) in the past. Although I’m not exactly excited to use PLR articles, this kind of raw information still can be valuable.

Another hot issue I want to emphasize is recurring income.

If you’re in affiliate marketing, why not promote recurring income programs instead of those that pay you once? The effort is the same, the return of investment is much higher.

Besides, if you promote recurring income affiliate programs, you’re also setting up different income streams. That’s why I like to promote good programs like Aweber and The Internet Marketing Inner Circle with their easy monthly installments.

Membership websites are another great way to create recurring income streams.

Joanne Mason knows how to do that successfully and what’s more, she combines it with Private Label content. That’s why Joanne is today’s guest poster. Find out how she manage to combine these powerful strategies.

Three Ways to Create Unique Content for Your Niche Membership Site Using PLR Products
Copyright 2007, Joanne Mason

As an internet marketer one of your goals should be to create a recurring income so that you are continually paid for the same effort.

One easy way to create a recurring income is with your own niche membership site. This type of site is very popular online because it creates a community of like minded people. These individuals may share similar interests, hobbies, professions, lifestyles or viewpoints.

The membership site becomes an online haven where these people feel a sense of belonging and a level of comfort in expressing their opinions or ideas. As a result people within the niche don’t mind paying a monthly membership fee to belong to the group.

In order to build a thriving membership site you must provide fresh content that is updated on a regular basis. This is where most marketers shy away from the membership model for fear of being able to provide unique content on an ongoing basis.

A very simple way to offer your members your own unique content is with private label rights products. Regardless of your chosen niche there is most likely plenty of plr content available online.

In this article, I’m about to share with you 3 ways that you can rework private label rights products into valuable, resourceful content that your membership will be eager to pay for each month.

  1. Exclusive Ebooks – It’s very easy to rewrite a group of PLR articles and create graphics covers to end up with an exclusive that is only available to members of your group. You can even include a few affiliate links to make your ebook more profitable
  2. Audio Products – PLR products can be read aloud to create audio files. Edit them and convert them into mp3 format to be downloaded from your membership site. You may want to add special introductory or background music for an extra touch or professionalism.
  3. Video Products – PLR articles or ebooks can also be the subject matter of short videos that you can add to your membership site. With an inexpensive video camera you can sit at your desk and share information from plr articles. Videos create more interaction with your audience and are perceived as much more value than articles.

These ideas are just a few of the many ways that you can use private label content to create your own niche membership site and produce a recurring monthly income.

Joanne Mason is an Internet Marketing Consultant who helps small business owners increase their online profits. For a great source of private label and master resale rights products that you can use to create a recurring income membership site visit

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2 thoughts on “Private Label Rights and Recurring Income

  1. Case Stevens says:

    Hey Sam.
    No, I don’t mind as long as you refer my visitors to great content, which you do.

    Also, I’m not against using PLR content. I sometimes do so myself and use a great software program to make it unique.

    But I really detest these PLR article packages, that are submitted to every article directory and then being sold as a ‘great PLR package’. See them around a lot more lately.

    Oh, and I DO follow you on Twitter!

  2. Case Stevens says:

    Wise words, Mark!

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