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This is a guest post written by Patrick Pretty. If you don’t know Patrick, you MUST read his truly amazing story in the free report inside. He’s a branding expert and you can learn from him. This post, as well as the free branding report, are a quick, yet highly valuable read!
Here goes.

Free Reports Can Help You Make Money

(c) 2007 By Patrick Pretty
Patrick Pretty
Offering Blog and website visitors a free report that solves a problem or introduces them to a method of making money online is an excellent way for you to gain exposure and add to your bottom line.

Many Internet Marketers don’t seem to understand that they already own a publishing company. If you have a Blog and use Microsoft Word or Open Office — and if you have the ability to convert documents to PDF format — you already have the means to start sharing your knowledge and telling your business story to the world.

Start building customer relationships today by preparing a report that offers Blog and website visitors valuable information on new ways of thinking or interesting problem-solving approaches.

Offer this report free to visitors. Ask them to take a journey with you by absorbing the information in your report, learning from it and putting it into action.

Place a few links inside the report to drive traffic to websites from which you can earn commissions. These links can be for products you’ve created or for affiliate sites that pay you a commission.

It’s critical that the free report you create adds value to the lives of visitors who download it. It can’t just be a well-linked, Internet Marketing pitchfest. It has to offer sound value.

Think of your operation as a small publishing company, the electronic equivalent of a newspaper or magazine with a specialized, targeted audience. Feed the hunger of your audience, people looking for ways to make money or save money, solve problems, become more efficient or learn methods to build their businesses.

Before you write a single word, put yourself in the position of your website visitors. Ask yourself if you’d like to receive the information and subscribe to a list to get it. If your answer is no, then go back to the drawing board.

Spend a little more time thinking about the type of information you’d like to receive if you’re the customer/visitor. Chances are good that you’ll want an information product that:

* Solves a problem.
* Helps you learn.
* Helps you make more money.
* Adds to the efficiency of your business.
* Stimulates your mind.

Seize the moment and become the author of that product, the information-provider, the problem-solver, the idea-generator!

I offer “How To Give Birth To Your Brand” free to website visitors. This report introduces them to my branding and writing approach and helps get their creative juices flowing. I don’t even put “How To Give Birth To Your Brand” on an autoresponder.

Perhaps the biggest reason why is because I’ve included links in the report that point to “Pluck Forever!” and “WriteFaster, Write Better,” two of my paid products. Both of those products give customers the option of joining my list after purchase.

“Pluck Forever” has a single link inside “How To Give Birth To Your Brand.” Meanwhile, I’ve placed a partial screen shot of the sales page for “Write Faster, Write Better” on Page 15 of the report. In a sense, this is a magazine-style ad — inserted where readers might expect to see an advertisement in a magazine.

It’s not obtrusive; it’s on Page 15 of an 18-page publication. “How To Give Birth To Your Brand” also includes a link to a Blog post in which I tell readers about my luncheon with the Queen of England:

I use “How To Give Birth To Your Brand” to introduce visitors to “the Patrick Pretty Way,” shorthand for building a brand and providing quality content and information products.

My goal, always, is to educate and inform — while stimulating conversation and encouraging my website visitors to distinguish themselves from the competition by making their visitors’ experience memorable.

All of us are living and competing in the “experience economy.” That’s basically just a way of saying that people who visit your website or Blog want to see something that makes them feel something.

Internet Marketers who provide customers an “experience” have a leg up on marketers who view the sales process simply as a pitchfest or way to harvest names of prospects.

Start putting the power of the publishing company you own to work for you today. Embrace the challenge and take massive action.

Provide an experience. After all, it is the experience economy.

Patrick Pretty
The “Most Beautiful Little Boy In The World” — 1964

Patrick Pretty is the author of “Pluck Forever”, a guide to selling products while steering clear of hype. He also is the author of “Write Faster, Write Better,” a guide to improving the speed and quality of your Internet Marketing articles. Patrick Pretty is a coauthor of “20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day Online” and a member of The Internet Marketing Inner Circle.

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