Choosing Affiliate Programs for Passive Business

Affiliate marketing is a form of passive business, generating a passive income.

It’s one of the simplest ways to enter the vast community that wants to make money online.

And that’s why I’m publishing this passive business article today. Written by guest posters Lena Morrish and Dima Nikolayenko who are experts in setting up such businesses.

Therefore you should read this carefully.
Here goes.

Passive Business Affiliate Programs

When it comes to making passive income on the Internet, there are several different options out there that you can get into and make money with.

One of the biggest industries is that of affiliate marketing, as it can be easy to get into and be profitable.

Passive Business
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For those that decide to get into the passive business of affiliate marketing, it is important that you know what exactly you are promoting and what you are going to make from it.
This will help you to decide which opportunities you want to get involved with.

Keep in mind which industries interest you or what your niche is, as you do not want to promote health items if everything else you promote is about technology.

You need to know what type of commission you will make from a product sale. These can vary widely from 8 to 75% of the value of the sale that is made.

Don’t forget that the company who makes the product is also promoting it, and that a lot of people will go directly to the manufacturer to purchase.

Another factor is to know what the pay structure is like.
Will you only make money on sales you make personally, or will you also make money on your referrals? You can promote your affiliate opportunity and sign other people up under your name.

Ideally you want to make something on their sales as well too, as they are likely going to be looking for you to help them to become successful. You deserve to be paid for your time and training that you give them.

Make sure to check out the reputation of the affiliates that you decide to become an affiliate for.
Does this program have a good reputation for a quality product and good customer service?
If it something that you can feel comfortable promoting to other people?
Do they stand behind their product if there is an issue with it?

You can find affiliate programs in many different industries, and for many different products. If the one you found does not look too genuine, move on to the next one.
You should have no issue finding something that will work out for you.

Watch for programs that do not pay a decent amount of compensation. Chances are a program that only pays out 5% is not likely worth the time it takes to determine if it is worthwhile.
It is recommended that you look for programs that payout at least 30%.

You also want to see if the program requires you to meet a minimum quota or a sales target. Depending on where you are at with your platform for promoting your affiliates, you likely will want to avoid those. Even those that are having great success may choose to pass them by as well.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, there is a great potential for passive income once you are set up.
Not only can you make money off your own personal sales, but you can earn money off those that you get to enroll in the affiliate program as well.

What do you think? What’s your passive business?
Post your comments below.

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23 thoughts on “Choosing Affiliate Programs for Passive Business

  1. Barry Godden says:

    This is such an important issue. It can be very tempting to just opt for the first affiliate ad that pops up, but you really need to consider the benefits of several. You could do this by listing all the details on a spreadsheet so you can see them side by side. One point to remember is to view the commission information on these. At the end of the day, this is a business and you need to try to remove the emotional side to your selection process. I’ve done it to, “But that site is more flashy!”.

    I have to say that this blog is great and I really like the approach on the comments policy. I like the way you have left it open to the user. I respect what you have expressed. Bravo.

    I think it’s great to be able to give people such good advice. I to offer advice on this subject at

    May even look at slideup ad aswell, as it is less intrusive.

    • Gary David | Build Your List Fast says:

      You are right Barry. listing down all the benefits can really help us in determining if the affiliate program is really worth the time.



  2. Stanley Perry says:

    I’ll second what has been posted Here. We found that our conservative estimate were still too high when starting up on our site, and until you get going strong you really cant’ expect to get past your worst case forecasts for customer conversion.

  3. Silviu says:

    Good point Aaron, but why would you prefer to find a micro niche to start with? I think it’s much harder and people don’t get discouraged, rather disappointed by results. I tried as affiliate with many gambling networks to make it work, but if you don’t have patience, do not commit, won’t work.

  4. Gary David | Build Your List Fast says:

    I agree with you Aaron. It really takes a lot of time and effort for a successful affiliate marketing campaign to happen.



  5. Gary David | Build Your List Fast says:

    Thanks for sharing this Case. You’ve covered all the important details when it comes to affiliate marketing. Choosing the best and profitable affiliate programs can be very time-consuming, but all we need to look for is the benefits of the product and how it can help our customers.



  6. Anonymous says:

    This is such an important issue. It can be very tempting to just opt for the first affiliate ad that pops up, but you really need to consider the benefits of several.
    Thanks for sharing this Case.

  7. Julia van Blixen / Excellent Escorts says:

    Very interesting article! Thank you!

    In this vast universe of The Internet we see so many offers, courses, ebooks, someone, somewhere trying to sell you something everyday. If you are too anxious to establish yourself as a “work from home” entrepreneur and do not have a lot of experience, you most likely end up receiving dozens or even hundreds of emails daily from all those registration forms you filled out in order to receive more information about the “secrets” on how to make money online. What usually amounts to commonly known as “information overload”.

    Greetings from Germany!

  8. Christopher Ward says:

    The affiliate learning curve is very steep and it takes a lot of time, effort and patience to get results. Also with so many scams over there it is very hard to find real workable programs. However, patience and efford do pay at the end.

  9. George says:

    Is there much instance where affiliates don’t get paid their commission because the sale was made after they subscribed to the vendor’s mailing list?

  10. Sachin says:

    Quite agree with the article… I feel the most important and often ignored aspect that one must lay emphasis on is the “quality of the product” that you are recommending to other people… There is no better incentive than an excellent product/service that you genuinely wish to endorse! After all who would want to end up promoting a bad product and earning a negative word of mouth himself!


  11. M.O.B.S. says:

    Nice post and some good information. I’d like to reiterate your point on making sure you are dealing with a reputable merchant. It cannot be stressed enough. I have been the victim of a shoddy merchant. At first they were OK but after a few months it took longer and longer to get paid. At one point I was emailing and phoning them every day. Eventually I was paid but it wasn’t until I pulled down all my links. It hurts too because it was a good commission. It’s best to stay with the big well established networks.

  12. Lake District MTB says:

    Affiliate marketing is something I am just recently getting into. I’m hoping to build a portfolio of money making sites to live off whilst travelling. I have built 5 so far and am promoting them. So far I’m not making enough money but it’s early days and as soon as I’m up the Google rankings I should really start making money.

  13. Jason Acidre says:

    It’s always best to promote products that you really believe in, knowing that it would be much easier to pre-sell it. Being honest with what you are offering is the best thing that you can do to those who will be able to see your pages, and I do think that this one is pretty much bypassed by new marketers.


  14. Sports says:

    i have been working in the graphic design industry and they have been offering upto 15% commission but their affiliate programs are quite confusing according the points that you’ve mentioned in your post. you’ve covered all the basic points of an affiliate program. thanks

  15. Wade McMaster says:

    A complete understanding of what your doing is always beneficial. It can be all too easy to just sign up for affiliate programs and just flood it with links (when starting out) and think “someone is bound to click on something and buy!” which is pretty naive. First people have to interested enough to click the link then sold by the product owner’s page. Which is a long process in terms of attention span, etc. So, like stated here, it must be a quality product that sells, that you are comfortable promoting. Thanks for the good read!

  16. Thomas says:

    Great article, but to say that it’s easy to make it into the affiliate marketing business, I wouldn’t be too sure about that. It does require a lot of hard work at first but when you finally crack the code to making some money it’s worth all those long hours in front of your computer.

  17. Scott says:

    So many choose affiliates based on how much money they will get on each sale. This is thinking too short-term. I make a lot of money from Amazon – 6%-8% only, but long-term, it is very reliable.

  18. Mike says:

    When I choose the products I want to promote, I often research whether the products offer real benefits and solve user problems or not, then I use the products myself and promote to my readers. I think that how we should do it so it doesn’t hurt when users find out the products are just some scam.

  19. J.C. Oan says:

    “Affiliate marketing is easier” is just another widespread theory or myth. People say it’s easier because one doesn’t need to create a product, write a salesletter or do customer support.But, as Jason Fladlien steated, “since the barrier of entry is so much lower, you have way more competition.”

    In fact, it isn’t easier, it’s different. And if you are going to do affiliate marketing the right way it may require even more work than selling your own product.

  20. Ashadi says:

    Thanks for sharing this case, many people join affiliate programs and think they can convert half of their visitors into cash, which is just not true. It really takes a lot of time and effort for a successful affiliate marketing campaign to happen.

  21. Utah says:

    This is really useful for someone like me. I do freelance graphic design, and an additional source of income that doesn’t take too much time is just the right thing.

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