Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool Offline?

Many people have reported issues with the Overture Keyword Research Tool.
It’s down most of the time.

What’s going on?

Some people say, it’s the end of Overture.
Ode to the Yahoo (née Overture) inventory tool

Others say, Yahoo stopped supporting it in favor of their new Panama system.

If that is true, it certainly will arouse commotion, because lots of derivates, like Adwords Analyzer and numerous scripts like the one at Digital Point depend on the tool.
That’s why I can’t imagine Yahoo would let it die.

Anyway, there are some other great tools to do your keyword research.
One of the best is the new NicheBot Tool. There’s a one dollar trial available.
This one has so many features that it’s too much to sum up here. You’d better watch their short introduction video.

And of course there’s the Google Adwords Tool. No exact numbers here, just trends, but it’s coming from Google!

Bookmark these links, just in case Overture is offline!

Success to you,
Case Stevens

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2 thoughts on “Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool Offline?

  1. Case Stevens says:

    The Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool seems to be working again, but for how long? Yahoo is bringing out their Panama resource soon.

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